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Great low priced hotel in Guangzhou | Guangzhou | Oct 31, 2007 14:29
I recently stayed in the CUSTOMS Hotel on Shamian Island in Guangzhou. I highly recommend it. The place is absolutely beautiful and the staff is terrific. Their main clientelle are Chinese so the English is limited. I will stay there again when in GZ rather than the more pricey Victory hotel on Shamian Island.
Thatsallie Beijing experiences | Beijing | Oct 31, 2007 14:21
I am surprised thatsallie had such bad experiences in Beijing. I have never been the victim of racism in Beijing or anywhere else in China for that matter. As for the athsma, Beijing's air is so much better today than it was a year ago when I was there that I was amazed.

I guess anyone can have a bad experience anywhere. Sorry you had bad things happen to you.
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