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BJTT Fare Promotion
DAISY | Hong Kong | 2/7/2007 7:53:53 AM

Part 2

Discounted Fare

Note 1: Return tickets for Beijing West to Hung Hom (Deluxe Soft Sleeper only) are avaiable at the ticket sales outlets in the Mainland only, so round-trip discount will not be offered for Deluxe Soft Sleeper.

Note 2: No discount during the Chinese New Year Period from 11 to 16 Feb and 23 Feb to 4 Mar 2007.

BJTT Fare Promotion
DAISY | Hong Kong | 2/7/2007 5:37:46 AM

Promotion period till 31 March 2007

Part 1

Original Fare

New Regulations On Alteration to and Refund of BJ/SH Line Through Train Ticket
DAISY | Hong Kong | 2/7/2007 5:03:26 AM

The new regulations on alteration to and refund of Beijing/ Shanghai Line Through Train tickets in Hong Kong will be revised with effect from 1 Dec 2006. Details are as follows:

Remarks: Passengers can request for an alteration to ticket departure date, but no alteration can be made to the seat ticket. Should there be any fare difference after ticket alteration is made (e.g. due to seasonal fares), it will be refunded to or made up by the passenger.

For Beijing/ Shanghai Line Through Train tickets boght in the Mainland, ticket aleration or refund has to be handled at the place of purchase. Other ticket aleration and refund rules not specified above shall remain unchanged. For enquiry, please call the Intercity Passenger Services Hotline at (852) 2947-7888.

YMCA Internation Hotel
DAISY | Hong Kong | 12/10/2006 12:30:30 AM

The 2nd time when I came to Hong Kong for business, I chose YMCA (the whole name is Young Men's Christian Association)International Hotel in You Ma Tei.

It is a Christain hotel, so the price is a little bit cheaper comparatively.

What I like most is that it is renowned for her ideal location accessible to shopping arcades and commercial centres.

About 2-3 minuts bu foot, you can easily find the You Ma Tei Metro stop nearby.

And because near the Nathan Road, it would not take you much time to walk to the propersrous shopping area. During the 3 days, I always walked to the famous Beauty Street for some great and cheap clothes, shoes, bags, where you can find everything you want.

If you are a Christan, it is also easy for you to find some store which sells something related to Jesus, even different versions of Saint Bible.

Ibis in Hong Kong
DAISY | Hong Kong | 12/8/2006 12:32:29 AM

Been a France privated hotel, Ibis is located in North Point of Hong Kong Island, and it is really comprehensive though small.

Generally speaking, it's hard to find a 3-star hotel offering free breakfast in Hong Kong, but Ibis is, and the breakfast is great as well.

Many peopel for short business trip would choose Ibis, not only for its comprehensive and comfortable facility and service, but the convenient transportation as well. Just five minuts for you to get to the nearest metro stop on foot.

I would still choose Ibis for next trip.

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