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INTIANJIN | Tianjin | 5/23/2006 12:27:36 AM

If you are looking for a home in Tianjin here is the site with good information:

The average cost per month of a local home is 500RMB. Newer ones and ones in good locations cost a fortune.

Try to buy light
INTIANJIN | Tianjin | 8/14/2004 8:30:21 AM

There are so many things to buy in China and it doesn't take long before you've attained an extra suitcase worth of goods. Airlines generally have a weight restriction on luggage and charge a steep fee for every kilo over that limit. If you are going to be buying alot of stuff then try to focus on the lighter things. China has many beautiful iron, glass, and ceramic goods but buying too many may leave you leaving them behind at the airport's checking counter.

Here is an idea of baggage allowances.
For economy class travel you may be restricted to a 20kg checked bag and an 8kg carry on bag. For first/business class you may be restricted to 30kg checked and 10kg carry on. For every kg over the limit you may be charged between $15-30 USD.

Tips for the tours
INTIANJIN | Beijing | 8/8/2004 11:40:43 AM

When you go on a tour to see the sites remember the license plate of your bus because thats how you know which is yours. Get a tour only to the places you want to see. If you get the '5 places tour' then you're going to end up at fascinating places like shoe markets, mineral exhibits, or which ever locations you guide has cut deals with.

Hotels around Tiananmen Square
INTIANJIN | Beijing | 8/5/2004 5:45:31 AM

Two Beijing hostels I found online ended being hotels. The price is generally 180RMB/night and up for rooms.

Around Tiananmen Square there are lots of hotels. They start as low as 110RMB and go up. On Da Zha Lan Street and adjoining streets are lots of hotels. The one I stayed in was HengYe Hotel (180RMB/night for 3rd floor. I got 180RMB for 2nd floor by haggling) and I'll stay there again if I go back to Beijing. The phone number is 010-63179178 or 010-63179132. Its location is great because its on Da Zha Lan Street. Tiananmen Square is walking distance and the hotel is surrounded by markets and in an old style area.

When you are getting a hotel ensure you check the locks on the door. If you can credit card the lock then don't stay there. Also check the windows. I was advised by a Tianjin man to not stay in the same hotel two nights in a row. I stayed in HengYe Hotel for 7 nights and it was very secure and clean. They had many employees working each night and had someone on each floor at a desk.

Choose hotels where the locks require a key card. If the hotel only has 1 person working then its not going to be secure.

Many smaller hotels aren't star rated but will accept you. China has a law that states foreigners can't stay in less than 3 star hotels. I believe the law will be abolished. It is for foreigner's protection though.

And it doesn't matter where you stay; its always good to lock your valuables in your bag when you leave them in your room.

Peking duck
INTIANJIN | Beijing | 8/5/2004 5:42:20 AM

Peking Duck (Beijing Duck) is Beijing's most famous food. I was told there are only restraunts which serve it. One is located just outside of Da Zha Lan street and costs 68RMB for a small plate. You'll notice it because inside the entrance are pictures of presidents and other famous people who have eaten there.

The Peking Duck isn't amazing or anything but it does taste good.

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