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Large Sized Foreigners will not be able to buy clothes and shoes inland China
LADYMAGGIC | Shanxi | 10/9/2010 6:17:40 PM

Inland China has no shoes for ladies over the size of will need to make sure you have your own footwear when coming to live in these areas.
I also find large sizes in clothes are not readily available.

Great Wall of China
LADYMAGGIC | Beijing | 9/8/2010 1:20:03 AM

Whatever you do, and wherever you go, make sure you visit at least one part of The great wall of China.
I have now been to Badaling, North wall, Jinshanling and Simatai, and hope to see Yangquan wall closer than simply from the street.
The great Wall is something you must not miss....its amazing

Things you find difficult to get in inland China
LADYMAGGIC | Shanxi | 9/8/2010 1:14:12 AM

I found Nail polish remover at Shanghai but was not able to get any in Hefei...same with deoderant.
Chinese do not seem to wear deoderant or use Talcum bring your own supplies.
I blonde my hair. You cannot get blonde hair color in China, so make sure you bring your own. I invariably end up black when I go to a hairdresser here. or a different color to what was intended.
I also found boot polish not easy to get...most people seem to wear non leather shoes today.

I did not bring the correct seasonal wardrobe, and am struggling to buy afordable clothes, and in my size..I am larger than chinese ladies.
I would hate to try shoes again...I brought my own

Travelling in China..
LADYMAGGIC | Wuhan | 11/19/2005 5:44:23 AM

My destination was Wuhan.
I asked everybody what I needed to take and came up with some very complicated coffee, hair color, stockings.

The truth was that I was able to buy everything I needed in China, except shoes to fit my large western sized feet.
Buying shoes invariable led to many sniggers or directions to mens shoes, which would have made my big feet look even larger.
If you have large feet you need to take sandals for summer and warm boots for winter. Everything else your heart desires you can get in China or have made for you.
I did have problems with clothes but they were available in large sizes, strangely enough at the markets and some department stores. Large sizes were available in coastal cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, as there are many westerners already living there.

If I was going to China again, I would take an empty suitcase and fill up on the silks I loved so much, and the jade and get all my clothes tailored.
Everything else is there so don't waste room taking stuff you don't need to take.

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