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TEKNOMED | -General- | 11/21/2006 2:19:25 AM

Train travel in China is comfortable and nice. I took a train from Zhengzhou in Henan Provice to Guangzhou recently. My friend decided that we should travel like any local and so we booked the "Hard Sleeper" The journey was 18 hours. The pleasant surprise I found was: No smoking allowed in the railway station. The coach was very clean although crowded. there were 66 bunks in the coach (lower, middle and upper). No smoking was allowed in the coach (another pleasant surprise.) The coach was air conditioned which make the journey very comfortable. The train ride was smooth and silent. We arrived at Guangzhou station about 18 hours later feeling refreshed.Price for this long journey of more than a 1,000 kilometers was only about RMB300.00. What a bargain! If you have time on your hand, I would recommend train travel. You get to meet some very nice locals as well.

TEKNOMED | Guangzhou | 8/19/2006 2:06:37 AM

Beware of little girls selling flowers along the embakment of the Pearl River especially at the entrance of the Pier where you join the Pearl River Cruise. They will cling onto your legs and won't let go until a ransom is paid.

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