Kashgar Memories

Written by Jun 30, 2007 11:06
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Flung out far to the west on the other side of the great vastness of the tarim pendi, lies Kashi (kashgar) on the Tumen river. Kashgar is closer to the Islamabad, Delhi, Kabul, Tehran and even Baghdad than it is to Beijing, with the borders of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan nearby.
He climate is extreme in winter the temperature can fall to -24C (-11F) and in the summer months it is regularly peaks above 40C.
The famous place is Aitika Mosque (id Kah Mosque) its largest in the china,
Kashgar is nice small town, a place with nice and friendly people.

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Oct 8, 2013 10:56 Reply

Mr.MALIK from farooq said:

the written about kashgar by me above and my name is only
Malik Farooq heheheh


Oct 8, 2013 10:53 Reply

Mr.MALIK from farooq said:

kashgar is big city nowadays , when I first time visited china in 1986 that was town , we start our journey from Islamabad by a wagon and reach to gilgit a city of Pakistan and then we take NETCO bus from gilgit to sust border, through hunza valley really beautiful all the way . then we reach china border pirally and after immigration etc. we take a bus old one and reach first Chinese city tashgargon where we stay a night in a very villager style hotel and there was no much eatable food to eat. from tashgargon we take the same bus and reached kashgar and stay in hotel and enjoyed a lot in the hotel since we were about 6=7 friends the way up to Pakistan border was nice and from china border pirally was worse since there was too cold too.
anyway I enjoyed a lot in kashgar since I was young at that time and still remember that journey


Jul 2, 2007 00:05 Reply

SAGID said:

will aany body can tell more about kashgar(kashi) viz: population, types of communities living here, aabout maajority community, business, how one can ggo to bordering countries alongwith ttime needed to reach and whaat are the main nearby chinese cities/tourist spots etc

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