My Trip in Hainan

Written by Jul 19, 2007 19:07
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The sunny island spells freedom and insouciance, a reminder of lazy summer days. Hainan its provocative nature is expressed in the visual of the beach and sea, the nudity combines simplicity, gentleness, strength, innocence and maturity.

First time to see the sea, totally exciting! While,When the endless sea met the sunshine, which created a miracle just like 海市蜃楼 (in Chinese).People could see in the海市蜃楼that a Chinese beauty dressed in Xinjiang minority clothes was smiling and waving her hands in the picture, which was hanging between the sea and the sky. At the sight, all the people at spot were stupefied and shocked by her beauty. A Chinese handsome boy realized all at sudden and took a pic immeditately. Wondering and dreaming who and in which she was, the boy at least had the chance to find her since he had a pic of the girl. Chance, French for “luck”—is in our lives.(…) It pops up when you least expect it. Like luck, chance pops up when you least expect it,too,with a romantic,oriented and impressive image,a symbol of the circle of luck.

Do you know the ending of the movie? It was a surprise though, which was why I did not forget it until now.

Sanya ,this “Very sunny, Very clean and Very blue” city was born of the nature’s desire to get back to the style that made its attraction, the origin, green ,deep deep ocean, fresh air and bright sunshine image. Arriving at TianYaHaijiao(天涯海角),we then were suggested if we wanted to express our care or love to someone,like girlfriend or Mum,we could just call the person there,saying : “Even though I have gone to TianYaHaiJiao (literally means wherever),I still miss you.You see now how much I love you.”Well,it absolutely worked quite well.The person on the other side of the phone undoubtly moved and appreciated your thoughtful idea,and I could imagine my Mum’s happy mood by her voice on the other side.When we were arranged for self-service,I chose to walk barefooted along the seashore alone.The sand was soft and tiny,stepping on it,a gentle feel gradually come inside,it was comfortable especially for those who had wound under heal.Over the not distant pace,two pairs of footprint left behind by a couple.Sweet memory indeed,I could not help taking a pic for it.Two years ago,my boyfriend and me created footprint like this in Golden Beach of Guangxi.Obviously ours disappeared long time ago,but it stil remained in my heart.I think although we broke up,we still shared some sweet memory since we both experienced and tasted the joys and sorrows of life together for a time.The trip was for healing my pain and also refresh for my next journey.Everything would be fine though,wasn’t it? The the sea tide came one after another,footprint was gone with the vast sea and started a new life in the ocean.Soon that I marked mine and cheerfully ran ahead.I believed that mine could also have a wonderful there.Absolutely right! I think so.^_^

Before leaving,I filled a bottle with the Sanya’s sand and took it back to Guangzho for there was a big difference between earth in two sides.

Except the part like diving in sea,another focus of this Hainan trip was the delicious local seafood.Crab,Shrimp,Oyster,Pipi and Clam ect,this abundant meal provide everyone a time without worry, stress and fully enjoy moment indeed.Everybody in our group were happily singing and dancing all the way back to hotel.

Remark: 1-海市蜃楼is an old Chinese film.When I was about 5,my Dad went to the old cinema to see this film along with brother and me.The old cinema in my hometown has been pulled down years ago and replaced by a commercial building.While 海市蜃楼still remains in my mind by its unforgettable impression.Seeing the END of the sky joined the END of the sea,it reminded me of the old movie again.If you are eager to know the ending of the story,please find it out in the movie.By the way,it is worthy of watching.

2-A mirage is a naturally-occurring optical phenomenon, in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. The word comes to English via the French mirage, from the Latin mirare, meaning 'to appear, to seem'. This is the same root as for mirror. Like a mirror, a mirage shows images of things which are elsewhere. The principal physical cause of a mirage, however, is refraction and not reflection

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Aug 8, 2007 20:09 Reply

LIZXLI said:

Hi Windenergy,

Genie seems lazy,he does not work at all.If it really offers me 3 wishes,mine will be HEALTH,CAREER AND maybe the so called LOVE.hehehe...I am too greedy,don't you think so?If it happens that the genie only gives me one choice,then health is my best answer.You see,I am not that greedy.^_^

While my friends saw me at the get-together,they were curious about my different look.Some said that my teeth became more and more white(compared with my brown face).Some asked me if I had travel to Africa.oh,My God,these days,I got to stay indoors to avoid the strong sun so as to provide my skin a white clothes which is normal for a Chinese girl.


Aug 7, 2007 11:18 Reply


Now that you have a bottle of Sanya sand, I hope you captured a Genie with it! Maybe if you rub the bottle and think real hard...the people in Guangzhou will empower themselves to work together to make THAT place clean and harmonious. Remember, Genie's can grant 3 wishes.Oh yeah, did you get a nice tan while on your vacation?

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