On Badaling Great Wall: I am a true "man"

Written by Jan 10, 2010 21:21
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You are not a true man until you get to the Great Wall. In order to become a “true man”, I decided to visit Badaling during my first summer vacation in Beijing. Before my departure, I have consulted the experience from online friends who have been there before as I don’t want to be cheated by the one-day badaling tour agents. I can make it all by myself.

I avoided going there in holidays because that would certainly be a horrible experience when people are everywhere. I went there in a cool day. Cold temperature is suitable for exercise as the move will keep you warm all the time. My backpack was full of the food and drink I would take on the wall as I was told everything sold on the wall was much expensive.

I took no.919 bus at Deshengmen Gate. Many tourists waited in a long line at the sign of 919 bus. The ticket is 12 kuai and it’s a nice journey. After one and half an hour, I arrived at the foot of the wall. It winds up and down along the mountain contour till the horizon. There were a lot of vendors selling different kinds of souvenirs. Many had the print of the famous line "不到长城非好汉" (You are not a true man until you get to the Great Wall). I bought a white T-shirt and headed up to my great wall trip.

My destination is Hao Han Po (True Man Slope) which is located in the North Eighth Tower. The wall slopes were very shallow. The easy-going approach allowed me to take a lot of pictures. In the middle sections, there were some steep stairs where you should manage with the help of the railings. But still, not too difficult for me. The True Man Slope is located on the highest peak of Badaling section. After over passing a group of beacon towers, I finally saw this well known site. Crowds of visitors elbowed their way ahead. I moved easily for people beside me pushed me up. It is obviously not an ideal place to take a photo but I’d to take one as a proof of becoming the true man. Squeezed through the crowd, I took a nice picture and felt so proud. Now I am a true man!

The weather changed very quickly. On return journey, it started to rain. How terrible! I didn’t bring my umbrella. Seeing a woman selling plastic rain coat, I rushed forward to get one which cost 5 yuan, much higher than the normal price. Wearing my rain coat, I gradually calmed down and continued to take pictures. These pictures of Great Wall in rain looked quite historic and poetic.

Basically speaking, it was a nice trip. But I think one time visit is quite enough. Remember never go there in holidays for your trip will surely be ruined. Next time I would like to try Simatai which is much wilder and authentic. I think that will be a better trip!

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Mar 3, 2010 04:02 Reply

Mr.NABULUNG from Algeria said:

I also went there and took pictures before the Good Man Stele, but it cost me 30 yuan. I thought it should be charged free cos visitors have already pay the entrance fee!

Apr 20, 2010 14:14
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