Caught in the Heavy Rain of Wuhan

Written by Jan 21, 2010 01:19
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Wuhan is a large city in Central China. It was said to be the city with the largest confines of a town in Mainland China. Someone doubt if Wuhan could rival Beijing and Shanghai in this respect. The answer is not important and insignificant to most of the people. The point is the Wuhan you see by yourself.

My approach to this city happened in 2008. It was in mid-May and Wuhan is reputed as one of the hottest city along the Yangtze River. Yes, it is true. I was dropped off by the cruise ship at Wuhan Port from Chongqing. I arrived in early morning and only had a half day in Wuhan. My plan is: take bus from the port to Gu Qin Tai (literally Ancient Zither Terrace). There are many exotic buildings along the road after I get out from the exit of Wuhan Port, like the buildings in The Bund of Shanghai, but not many as Shanghai. I got to the other side of the road find the bus. Although I have searched the bus number in advance, it still took some time to find exactly where it is by asking a hand from local people. I counted how many stops I should take to make sure I will not miss. Without of my imagination, the bus stop board seemed to miss some stops and it took much longer time. I was told by some to get off at the nearest stop and then walked to the site.

It was a large park on the lake side of Moon Lake. Some sculptures are built to introduce its background culture. It is about one of the greatest ancient tunes, High Mountain and Running Stream, and it is the best interpretation for understanding and appreciative friends. The zither musician of the Chu State in Spring and Autumn Period, Yu Boya once played the tune of High Mountain and Running Stream and the woodchopper, Zhong Ziqi can understand his aspirations quite well. They became closest friends. where I stood is perhaps the place Yu and Zhong met and talked. The story has an unhappy ending. Several years later, Yu came across and wanted to see Zhong, but Zhong had passed away because of illness. Yu was so grieved and broken his zither. He would never play without Zhong. Local people built the building on terraces in memory of them.

I found an imitation of zither in the park and it could make sounds when you put your fingers on the strings, both two hands on it. I guess it works because of current through body, or something like that. I should say that it was a beautiful place to see the lake, green mountain, lotus in water and old style building. The problem for me is I walked with my suitcase. When I decide to the Yellow Crane Tower, I found the real cultural site which is truly small is aside and I have to pay for the ticket. I gave up to enter and going to leave. At that moment, it started to rain, more and more heavily. I changed my plan and take a taxi to the Jingwu Road in Hankou. The most famous duck neck can be found there. This is the most well-know food of Wuhan. The taxi driver waited for me and sent me to Wuchang Railway Station then. I spend the same money on taxi as the duck neck.

I though I was impulsive when I saw the duck neck shop in Wuchang Railway Station. The rain stopped and I fee not bad on the taxi tour.

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Jun 20, 2012 14:33 Reply

Ms.NANCY from The U.S. said:

If you want to go to Wuhan that just to see, you better do not go there in April and May because it iwll be reain often.

The rainning is normoal weather but not in Wuhan. When it's reainning, it's dirty everywhere, even wear dark cloth.

The best season to go there are Sep, Oct and Nov.

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