A Brief Tour to Shenzhen

Written by Mrs. GREEN Feb 9, 2010 18:43
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Shenzhen, a beautiful coastal garden city at the southern coastline of China, is a pioneer city of Chinese reform, opening-up to the world with the passion of innovation. As the First Special Economic Zone in China, Shenzhen has developed into a successful modernity from a small fishing village. It is now one of the communication portals of China to the outside world.

A couple of days ago, I paid a brief trip to Shenzhen who has above-mentioned labels. The tour sights I covered were mainly Window of the World, Xiaomeisha, Huaqiangbei and Laojie (the Old Street). On Jan.14, I got up at 06:30 and then hopped on bus no.177 after a simple preparation to Guangzhou East Railway Station. Unfortunately, we missed the train at 07:40. So we caught the train at 08:00 and reached Shenzhen Railway Station one hour later. We went for metro the minute we got out of the train station. Shenzhen subway line 1 took us to WOW from Luohu directly. After we took some pictures at the entrance, we bought the tickets which were 120RMB/single. Feel liked robbed in a way. But that's it. The first attraction we got was Taiwang Palace, which was so tiny and disappointed. Then we realized that it was made 16 times smaller than the original one. No wonder! Later, we got miniatures of all great attractions of different countries around the world, including the core of WOW, the Eiffel Tower and even lifelike dinosaurs at Jurassic Park.
[ Here is my impression of WOW: many miniatures were damaged due to bad preservation of the past years since its opening, I guess. Several shows are available at WOW, but you cannot catch them if you are not at the right time. And it was just the case of us. WOW has 9 big sections with 188 attractions in total, so it takes about 6 hours to have a close look. Note that the ticket is all inclusive. No more fees are charged for sights inside. Yet the food is a bit expensive.]

It was already 16:00 when we got out of WOW. So we hurried to Huaqiangbeilu, the so-called grand plaza for computers. We got off at Huaqing Metro Station and walked to Saige Square. However we found they were no good. The next day, we explored Xiaomeisha, and Laojie. No details any more.

Anyway, here comes the summary to my Shenzhen tour:
1. The night markets are vibrant. Snacks are served at any time.
2. The night scene is fantastic.
3. Those that were been to Seashore Park are not advised to go to that of Shenzhen any more.
4. Metro is the suggested mode of transport.
5. Be sensible on spending money.

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Comments (7)


Oct 17, 2011 10:52 Reply

Mr.KC LIM from MALAYSIA said:

Where is the best night market for local chinese food on a Tuesday night?


Apr 28, 2011 01:03 Reply


crossing from Hong Kong to Shenzen for shopping. been before but time too short and only visited two multi story shopping complexes just at border. Plan to overnight this time. Suggestions for best shopping (golf clubs/shoes/clothes) and clean comfortable and inexpensive but convenient hotel for night? Advice appreciated.

Apr 30, 2011 02:01
Mr.JACK from China replied:

For shopping in Shenzhen, Dongmen Pedestrain Street near to Luohu port is a good place. As for hotel in Shenzhen, you need to google and find one you like.


Feb 6, 2011 08:36 Reply

Mrs.AMALIA from Philippines said:

hi. may i know how do we go to shenzhen if we are from macau ferry terminal? how much will be the rates of transportation? what is the last trip to shenzhen?

Feb 6, 2011 20:17
Mr.HENRY from China replied:

You can take a ferry from Macau ferry terminal. The ticket fare is CNY171 for an ordinary seat. The last trip to Shenzhen departs at 19:00.


Feb 5, 2011 08:03 Reply

Mrs.AMALIA from Philippines said:

i have heard from others who have been to shenzhen that they got a group visa instead of a china visa from philippines. these are processed by tour operators?any idea on this?

Feb 6, 2011 00:51
Mr.TEDDY from China replied:

Yes, a group of more than 5 persons can apply for a group China visa through a travel agency. However, I heard that it's hard to get a group visa, but you may have a try.


Feb 1, 2011 10:29 Reply

Mrs.AMALIA A from Philippines said:

we want to visit a distant relative in shenzhen on mar. 3 to 4, 2011 fr. hongkong vacation. may I know if we are required to secure china visa? we are 4 adults fr. philippines.can you send me the tourist attraction of shenzhen? thank you.

Feb 4, 2011 20:45
Mr.BRUCE from China replied:

Yes, you do have to apply for a China tourist visa from the China embassy in Philippines. There are many attractions in Shenzhen, of which the most well-known should be Window of the World, Splendid China, China Folk Culture Villages, Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha Scenic Area. You can get more from https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/guangdong/shenzhen/

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