my Yunnan Tourism

Written by Jan 22, 2010 21:38
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my Yunnan Tourism (D1 --D8)

I remember Lijiang Shopping

Lijiang tourists have visited many times, living in Lijiang Inn do not know how many, and do not know how much to eat back to Lijiang Baba and other food, and would like to come back, but still came, Travels in Yunnan Province as early as the major travel sites do not know Fat How many today would like to write their own shopping travels Lijiang forget.

I remember that day is what gift to send to friends and family for the upset, they intend to stroll around town, walked unknowingly come to this popularity is not a lot of street, seems to have reached the same residential area, is planning to back, was suddenly a no name to the shop (later found out, they did not sign Guashang Qu) attracted my attention, first of all I should be particularly attractive is its decoration, it is all bark and Azabu as its style, to know where in the Old Town of Lijiang is none of the shops is so fitting, which undoubtedly gives it an interesting feeling, I was driven in this sense came in, come in more convinced that the feeling of Terrific, good things are numerous, on the outside is simply unable to buy, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, ornaments, and so numerous, the moment his mind suddenly came to an idea, why not want to send to friends, relatives, gifts Gao Ding it all here. So, I began to pick things, accounts, packing, did not expect tired of my long-standing issues here are solved.

Old Town of Lijiang in a specialized wholesale jewelry shops in the wholesale points. Huangshan road in the vicinity of the previous paragraph, near the four-Inn door, four-Inn diagonally opposite the door, there is no house number, no street names, so I only puts it. A twelve or thirteen square meters of the small room, its extremely old, Naxi locals operation. Which hung numerous ornaments pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings ..... Of course, you do not expect it to be better quality and more, are more like goods, but the price just a few meters away from the ancient commercial street for nearly two-thirds of the lower二. 6-10 Commercial Street selling dollars a bracelet, where Naxi Ren own wholesale only 1.8 yuan (because the transaction is very small, my friend found in their checkout time offer) and of course we can not get this price . But it sold us the price of this bracelet is 3 yuan, will no longer accept the counter-offer, which in the day before than I-beam river town 7 yuan to buy the same style bracelet, cheaper by half. Me and my friend had to lead, including colleagues, Mix, including four batches of personnel Group buy. If you just bought has been sent, said some people had suggested what could be purchased in large volumes. Be able to find, watch fate.

In fact, the most attractive to me here is that where to buy things they do not like other stores to introduce their desperate things, like how to how well, if you fancy one on the Lion's Mouth, where the boss and boss wife is addicted to the bow their heads to do our own things, so you pick your favorite things, and each thing has a price, regardless of any person is the price. Anyway, bored, they simply sit down and chat with them, from the chat that I know both of them also come here to start a tourist, was in love with here is not willing to go, and just quit his well-paying work in here opened a shop, when I asked: "Are you giving up a stable job with decent income and do not feel pity?" They answer me exceedingly jealous and envy: "There is nothing ah, man's life must be something to which there must be loss, although we have lost stable jobs and good income, but we got a lot of people might be something less than a lifetime pursuit, and that is happiness! "Yes ah, happy the word is easier said than done, few can do? This is their extraordinary place, so they are happy.

Most worth mentioning is that this shop are all things handmade boss and boss wife both made, you can not get out of the same, and the price is not expensive, as well as both of them are particularly hospitable , as long as you chat with them too happy, and one to a meal you naturally want to stay down and eating a simple meal. We should know that dinner is not cheap in Lijiang Oh, so not only can save a meal, but also can be given to two good friends, there is a good thing to take back to give you that really serve multiple purposes ah.

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Oct 8, 2010 03:34 Reply


lijiang is most beautiful place i ever been ,not only just view and culture is nice but also people who live there are very nice,and i still want to visit and live there again ...


Jul 12, 2010 13:15 Reply

HABA said:

I'm afraid It seems something wrong with your Chinese-English Translator.

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