Travel Tips of Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) 

Written by Nov 15, 2010 21:59
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I have summed up three travel routes and some travel tips of the Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan). I would like to share with you. Hope it do some favor to you.

The first route: Hot Spring Scenic Area –Merciful Light Pavilion - Jade Screen Scenic Area
This may be the most difficult route to climb the mountain. You can take bus from Tangkou directly to Merciful Light Pavilion (Ciguang Ge) via the Hot Spring scenic area. Hot Spring scenic area is very beautiful with fountain, waterfall and rivers, but it is not worth pedestrian hiking. You should reserve energy to climb the mountain. After get off the bus at Ciguang Ge, you could do pedestrian hiking. Young people could start off with backpack while it is better for the old people to take the telphers to the Jade Screen Pavilion. It is danger by road from the Hot Spring to the Jade Screen Pavilion. You should be very careful although it has handrail. It is gradually pleasant when pass mid-level Temple. You could see Heaven Capital Peak, Stand Horse Peak and Gold Cock Crow Heaven Gate here. When you get to Longpan Slope, you will find more beautiful scenery. Then pass through the Heaven Gate Ridge, Caution Slope, Celestial Ferry Bridge and Thread of the Sky, you will arrive at Peng Lai Three Islands with the Jade Screen Scenic Area in front of you.
Stand Horse Bridge: It is one of the most important landscape of the Yellow Mountain Scenic Spots. You could see the huge rub cliff carved stone of the Stand Horse Peak at the Stand Horse Booth. Well, the Crucian’s Backbone of the Heaven Capital Peak is in your sight from here.
mid-level Temple: Reaching the mid-level Temple means you have got to the middle mountainside. There are facility beds so that you could have a rest here. You can also take your repast here. Heaven Capital Peak, Stand Horse Peak and Gold Cock Crow Heaven Gate are all in your view here.
Longpan Slope: Hiking about 1,500m from the mid-level Temple, you will reach Longpan Slope. Uphill about 20m to the slope peak along the stone steps, you will find yourself surrounded by the beautiful ridges and peaks. Looked over left from the slope peak, the Gold Cock is alike a man which is the amazing sight of ‘Five olds ascend the Heaven Capital Peak’. When look over right, you would view the artful rock ‘Sister Shepherding’ on the Lotus Pistil Peak. While looking down from the peak, you could see ‘the aged’ on the Aged Peak.
Heaven Gate Ridge: Located between Hengyun Rock and Heaven Capital Peak with the path thread across the Heaven Gate, it got the name of Heaven Gate.
Caution Slope: Go through the Cushion Rock, you will come to the Caution Slope, It has a length about tens meters with deep gully on its left, dangerous cliff on its right. It used to be the most dangerous place of Mt. Huangshan. Now, the path is widened with iron chain on both sides. After the Caution Slope, you will get to the Celestial Ferry Bridge.
Celestial Ferry Bridge: It is said that the bridge was created by the ancient immortal to save medicine farmer. It has no path before.
Thread of the Sky: It is the only way to get to Jade Screen Scenic Area. It is very narrow with a width of 0.5~2m nipped by two rocks. When look up the sky from here, you could just see a thread of the sky.
Peng Lai Three Islands: Drill through the Thread of the Sky, you can see three mountain peaks with different shapes. This is Peng Lai Three Islands with an altitude of about 1,600m. They are always wreathed by cloud and mist like paradise.
Wenshu Cavity: Under the Guest-Greeting Pine, it is also called Arhat Carvity. Go across the cavity and ascend the peak, you will come to Jade Screen Pavilion.
The Yellow Mountain

The second route: Hot Spring - Cloud Valley Villa – White Goose Ridge
It is about 7,500m from the Hot Spring to the Cloud Valley Villa. The main scenic spots along the way are Baizhang (100 zhang, over 3,00 meters) Spring (Thousand-feet Waterfall), Saddle Hill, Eyebrow Peak, etc, among which the Thousand-feet Waterfall is the most famous one. It is also regarded as the ‘East Sea’ of Mt. Huangshan, but you couldn’t see it in the low water season.
It is also about 7500m from Cloud Valley Villa to the White Goose Ridge. It takes about 4 hours of ascending. You can orderly view the Celestial Turning Over Table, Rusheng Booth (Qili Booth), Pied Magpie on the Plum Tree, Pipeng and Divine Dog Looking Over Moon (Tian Gou Wang Yue).

The third route: Pone Valley Nunnery – Lion Peak
Only a few visitors climb the mountain from this road. It is very dangerous with a length of about 10,000m. Along the road, you could enjoy the marvelous spectacle of the Back Mountain, such as Flying Dragon Peak, Celestial Extending Road, Celestial Watching Placard, Book Chest Peak, etc. Go up to the Lion Peak, you will reach the North Sea. The scenery along this route is very pleasant, but it is really tired when climbing the mountain along this way. It is suggested that you take the cable car from Taiping Cable Car Station to the peak. It is CNY80/person for single way.
Mt. Huangshan

Anyway, choose a suitable route for you to climb the mountain according to your interest. The scenery along each way is very beautiful. You could have a wonderful time on Mt. Huangshan. It is really worth a visiting.

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