Huangshan Travel Reviews

Jun 13, 2017 07:52

I have visited  Hongcun. I travelled one and half hour from Huangshan bus station to Hongcun ( 24 yuan ticket). It is enough one hour to make a tour, there is nothing to be seen. I was disappointed with neglected, dirty, decrepit houses. At least they could be refurbished and painted if the ... Details

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Jun 12, 2012 05:07

In summary, 3 things: the mountain, the place and the people.

The mountain
The scenery were very nice when the atmosphere at the moutain top are right. Most of the time, it was difficult to see sunrise, or to see the low hanging cloud as depicted by some of the photo shots. Still it nice ... Details

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Feb 8, 2012 01:25

At the last night of 2011, our shuttle bus left Xian and headed for the Yellow Mountain. I and other passengers welcomed 2012 in the shuttle bus.

I was not excited to celebrate the arrival of 2012 because I didn’t sleep well in the shuttle bus. In front of me was a huge guy. He was too ... Details

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Aug 16, 2011 19:55

I have appreciated China’s most beautiful water in Jiuzhaigou Valley. This summer holiday, I planned to visit its most beautiful mountain. My friend recommended Mt. Huangshan and I indeed went there.

Day 01
I took a train to reach Huangshan city first. Getting out of the railway station, ... Details

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Dec 8, 2010 12:34

I had the opportunity to visit Yellow Mt the last weekend in October and the weather was perfect. We did Lotus Peak on Sat and the crowds were very large so I would not go in the summer as it must be packed. We spent the night and did the Grand Canyon of the Clouds. This was spectacular and although ... Details

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Nov 15, 2010 21:59

I have summed up three travel routes and some travel tips of the Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan). I would like to share with you. Hope it do some favor to you. The first route: Hot Spring Scenic Area –Merciful Light Pavilion - Jade Screen Scenic Area This may be the most difficult route ... Details

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Feb 8, 2008 22:30

At least I have a heater this evening, and the miniscule room I’m in somehow manages to accommodate 3 bunk beds, sleeping a total of 6 people. My Chinese roommates, I notice, have all opted for the same meal as I, and so we sit huddled around our tea eggs, pot noodles and heater.

I have ... Details

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Jan 29, 2008 21:47

It’s before 5am, New Year’ Eve 2007 and I shouldn’t be awake, but I am. It’s been a night of snatched pieces of sleep in between long, cold wakeful hours. My small flask that has doubled as a life-saving hot-water bottle is now beginning to get a film of ice on it. Nothing else ... Details

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Jan 24, 2008 21:04

In an effort to spice up what would otherwise have been a largely forgettable New Year, I came up with a last minute plan to spend three days at Yellow Mountain [huángshān|黄山]. I have divided my journey into three, as follows:

Yellow Mountain I: Climbing the Eastern Route, ... Details

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May 18, 2004 10:05

Going to Huangshan reminds me of the hit Beatles' song "The Long and Winding Road". What is so breath-taking about the experience are the out-of-this -world scenes! The rolling sea of clouds you see once you're at the peak will remind you how minute we are in this vast expanse of creation! ... Details

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