An April Dream in Guilin 

Written by Nov 5, 2010 01:22
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It rains a lot in April, but the attraction of Yangshuo never fades. Pack up and just go!
Years ago I started to collect information about Yangshuo on the internet; I wanted to be there, was longing to go… The beautiful scenery, welcoming local people, bamboo rafts and the Dongling Resort, run by a woman named Liuli, attracted me a lot.

Several months waiting, 10 hours travel and finally, at six o’clock in the morning, we were there! The craggy peaks and thin fog: this was really a picture of the great fund of life. The scene made me whoop with delight. Liuli and her husband welcomed us at the gate of the Dongling Resort. I could almost feel my body stretching and it seemed as if my breathing was getting more comfortable. The birds sang and the flowers made the air fragrant, as we sank into the picturesque landscape, feeling satisfied and at peace.

Li River
Why would you not go on the Li River when you have come to Guilin? Boarding the bamboo raft and listening to the story of the Painted Hill of Nine Horses, enjoying the folk songs sung by the local people,  as well as the relaxation which seldom can be found in the city. The legend of Marriage Island made us feel deeply moved and we hope that all lovers will get a long life of happiness. There was a gentle breeze, the sun gleamed on the water and we could see many reflections. All the visitors enjoyed the green hills and clear water and you could hear laughter here and there.

Li River ^_^

Silver Cave
After visiting the Silver Cave, you'll never lack for money in your life, but of course we don't come here to get wealthy. The rocks in the cave have become artworks by thousands of years of weathering and corrosion and the cave was a splendid scene under the lighting effects. Following the tour guide, we were walking along the wet spiral steps, like walking in the pixy cave of Journey to the West, mysterious and cold, making it scary, but you can't help continuing because of your curiosity.

The Silver Cave ^_^

West Street
West Street is fantastic. You can find all sorts of people there and it is said that two thirds of the stores are run by westerners. There are souvenirs as well as many strange things that you can not even name found along the street. You are not allowed to take pictures in the stores; what a pity. A very important part of West Street is the bars: have a drink on the second floor and while watching the people on the street, you may feel that time is slowing down.

The girl in the embroidery shop was doing her work at the door and people soon gathered around to see her work, and she was just sitting there, knitting and knitting, her work tidy, clear and delicate. I stood there to watch her and bought a handmade shawl with local embroidery. What a lovely piece!

My Shawl ^_^

Some suggestions about Yangshuo:
When you check in at the hotel or hostel, ask the staff to book a van for you to visit the attractions. Also you can ask them to book a bamboo raft, as the raft owners by the river sometimes ask you for more money.

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