My Lijiang Trip 

Written by Ms. RUBY Feb 23, 2011 03:34
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I'm not a good writer and don't know the popular ways of writing travel reviews either. Thus, I will make it in a time order and hope you will not blame me if it turns out to be a 'day-to-day account'. Anyway, I hope it will be helpful for you to plan your Lijiang trip.

Day One: We arrived at Lijiang at about 1700. After checking in at the hotel, we strolled to the Square Street and the famous bar street to have dinner. The night in Lijiang was very noisy and you could see tourists everywhere. The main streets were full of shops selling almost the same stuff. This was not what I have imagined and expected- an old town over commercialized and too noisy.

LIjiang at Night

Day Two: We planned to visit the Mu's Residence and the Shuhe Old Town. It seemed that the morning in Lijiang was late. When I heard the cock crow and got up, it was already after 0800. But still there were a few people on the street. Bathed in the sunlight, Lijiang was very tranquil and calm at that time, totally different from the night Lijiang. This was right what I had expected from Lijiang: several old ladies in traditional Naxi dress walking in the street full of Naxi local residences, lazy sleepy dogs on the roadsides and the smokes leisurely rising from the kitchen chimneys... Nothing special about the Mu's Residence, but the flowers there were colorful and beautiful. The real Shuhe Old Town was small but boasting wood houses. The thing impressed me most was the clear and cool water. The local people used it as natural refrigerator to store fruit and vegetable.

A street of Lijiang

Day Three: We went to the Ancient Tea-Horse Road and rode horses there. The place was beautiful with flowers and lots of birds. I was very excited to ride a horse on my own for the first time. But after two hours' bumping and shaking, I was almost tired out and my hip hurt a lot. I couldn't sit down when had meals later. Embarrassing:( Went back to Lijiang at about 1400 and ate the local hot-pot for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the Black Dragon Pool. The scenery there was amazing. If the weather was good, you could take the picture of water reflecting the snow covered mountains. Unfortunately, my camera was not good and the result was poor.

Day Four: Today's plan was the Jade Dragon Mountain, which I expected the most. It was sunny when we set out. But as we reached the mountain closer and closer, the temp got lower and lower. When finally reached the cable car station, we just felt that the sunshine was not warm at all, hence rented warm clothes. However, as we climbed the mountain, we encountered the young girls in skirts. Surprised! The most boring thing on the site was queuing up to take the cable, for hiking on the mountain was not allowed due to some safety reasons. It was said that the cable line here was the longest and highest in Asia. I didn't know if it was true or not, but the cable ride was really an unforgettable memory for me. We were lucky dogs as it snowed when we reached the mountain peak. Astonishing and breathtaking!

Jade Dragon Mountain

As we had a travel expert in the group, we didn't encounter too many troubles during the trip. But still I have a little more words to say, about the accommodation. Most tourists to Lijiang will choose to live in the old town to embrace the atmosphere. It's OK, but never choose those 'very' close to the Square Street or the bar street; otherwise you will never have a good sleep, for you could even hear the noisy sounds even at 2 o'clock at night.

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Comments (5)


Jul 3, 2014 02:21 Reply

Mr.CHAI from Singapore said:

Very impressive information.


Jul 30, 2012 07:42 Reply


Last year I traveled to guangzhou and then went to Fuzhou, Ningbo, Putuoshan and Beijing, from beijing We back to Guangzhou,( by air to Wuhan and from Wuhan to Guangzhou by bullet train ).
And next year, maybe We will travel from Guangzhou to Xiamen - Putuoshan - Huangshan - Luoyang ( Shaolim temple ), and Qufu - Qingdao , then if have more time we want to Shangri-la too, we planning to travel by train or bus, Could anyone help me, to explain me and give me the suggestion what are the routes that we have to take so we do not meet any troubles during the trip, and how long its will take the time.
Ok, thanks for any friend that can give me the best suggestions.

Aug 3, 2012 22:44
Mr.ETHAN from China replied:

Guangzhou to Xiamen: you can take an overnight train which saves you both time and the money for hotel.
i suggest you stay in Xiamen for 3 - 4 days to visit the Xiamen city, Gulangyu Island, the Earth Tower in Yongding (book a one-day trip tour package through a local travel agency).
Xiamen to Putuoshan: you can take a bullet train from Xiamen to Ningbo, and then take a local bus or ship to Putuoshan (you have been there, i suggess you are familiar with the transport there)
from Putuoshan to Huangshan: there are tourist bus from Ningbo Bus Station to Huangshan Scenic area, the bus depart at 09:50. bus fare is CNY 150, it takes about 5 hours on the way. recommended visiting time is 3 days.
huangshan to Luoyang: you can take the tourist bus from the huangshan scenic area to Hefei first, and then take a train to Luoyang. besides the Shaolin Temple, you can also visit the White Horse Temple and Longmen Grottoes, so you need at least 2 days in Luoyang.
Luoyang to Qufu: you can take the overnight train No. 1918/1915. take the high-speed train to Qingdao from Qufu East Railway Station, it takes only 3 - 4 hours on the way.
as for transportation from Qingdao to Shangri-la, i suggest you take flight, the two places are far from each other.


Jul 17, 2012 10:47 Reply


Can anyone be kind enough to teach me how to go to Jade Dragon Mountain from lijiang old town area for 2 person. How much time do i need to take to reach there?
Many Thanks~!

KS Ong

Jul 17, 2012 21:33
ZOEY replied:

I suggest you hire a taxi to visit Jade Dragon Mountain. It costs from CNY 100 to 300 (depending you go there during the peak/low season). Remember to bargin with the driver. Usually, it costs around CNY 150 for a round trip.

At the Red Sun Square (红太阳广场), you can find No. 7 bus which can take you to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. However, I do not suggest you take bus to the mountain. There are just a few buses and the driver might bring you to somewhere and ask you to join some activites like riding a horse to the climb the mountain. Be very careful of them because it is impossible to reach the peak by riding a horse.


Apr 8, 2011 00:43 Reply

Mrs.LIM from Malaysia said:

Thanks for your reply ms cindy. may i noe wen is the best month to visit lijiang? early of june is ok?

Apr 8, 2011 02:47
Mr.FRANK from China replied:

The best time to Lijiang is April, May, September and October. Climate in Lijiang is mild all year round, so early june is also good to visit Lijiang - it is a little bit hot then but not so much rainy as in July or August.


Apr 6, 2011 22:35 Reply

Mrs.LIM from Malaysia said:

ms ruby, i have a few questions for you. i hope u don mind coz it's been my dream to travel to lijiang. 1) you travel on your own organise group or tour agency? 2) how much did you spent on your entire journey to lijiang (per pax)? 2) if i were to go on my own, would i have problem to find my accomodation/transportation on my arrival to lijiang?

Apr 7, 2011 04:50
Ms.CINDY from China replied:

Not difficult to find a place to stay when you arrive in Lijiang. Not bad to find a hostel or inn in the old down area. It is not necessary to have a tour, generally.

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