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Oct 9, 2013 05:46

I booked into the Holiday Inn in the old town Schuhe.  I was quite disappointed, as an Accor member and expecting better, the room was quite dirty.  The best thing was that it was quite large, with a large bed, TV, and bathroom was ok. Be prepared to sleep on boards, just covered with a couple ... Details

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Mar 13, 2013 08:16

On March 2, at Baiyun International Airport I had to purchase a ticket from Guangzhou to Ljiang. The China Southern staff checked her computer and informed me that the economy class were fully booked  and  that only FIRST CLASS were available for CZ3487 .  This was one hour before boarding. ... Details

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Dec 5, 2011 21:49

I say people who visit Liang are divided into two kinds. The first is looking for noise, liberation and romance while the second kind is seeking inner-peace and loneliness. I belong to the second kind.

Since I made up my mind to visit Lijiang, I had been looking for cheap flight and hostels ... Details

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Aug 5, 2011 02:59

Lots of streams from the gracier consistently provide Wenhai fresh water,and form a lake in the center of the vally. The rest of the valley is a pretty meadow, with big groups of Yaks,Horses and Sheeps.Wenhai(文海), 20km away from Lijiang Old Town,is an peaceful vally surrounded by Mt.Jade Dragon ... Details

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May 25, 2011 04:24

Visited Lijiang May 22,2011 I am from USA , just aback already would like to return the city is beautiful the food is very good, the hotels or Inns are ready inexpensive 22-30 dollars a night - love the spa massage 15 US 1hour - taxis cheap- night life is hopping- rally nice peaceful place drawback: ... Details

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Mar 20, 2011 03:32

Was at Lijiang last week for a week holiday. Stayed at the brand new Yi Chi Gu Cultural Heritage boutique hotel. Quaint & nice hotel. As it was low season & I had the opportunity to stay in different concepts rooms for 5 nights. Really love the decor & taste. Real value for money. Staff ... Details

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Feb 23, 2011 03:34

I'm not a good writer and don't know the popular ways of writing travel reviews either. Thus, I will make it in a time order and hope you will not blame me if it turns out to be a 'day-to-day account'. Anyway, I hope it will be helpful for you to plan your Lijiang trip. Day One: We arrived at Lijiang ... Details

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Nov 19, 2010 12:01

I first travelled to Lijiang Old Town 5 years ago and have been going back 2 times a year ever since. Stay away from the main tourist streets, you will find a wonderful quiet atmosphere in back streets and alleys. Try to meet some of the guest house owners and bar owners there are many interesting ... Details

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May 26, 2010 02:34

Last month I traveled to Lijiang and stayed for 3 days. It’s a nice place although for me Lijang Old Town has too many tourists. My hotel was called Mama Naxi and reviews I was reading online were true - great place to stay and reasonable priced compared to other Lijang hotels. The first night ... Details

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Apr 7, 2007 17:04

It was early in the morning on my first on my first full day in Lijiang that I ran across a good-looking Naxi native woman, named He Xiao Wan. She couldn't speak any english, but my rudimentary Chinese sparked an interest in her eyes. She handed me a business card with a picture of a late-model car, ... Details

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