Tai Shan eye of the Tiger

Written by Jun 23, 2005 16:06
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To the top of Tai Shan

To the top of Tai Shan

As we head towards the first step and towards the break in the wall that leads to the path around the stoneplain I find myself smiling at the colorful TaiShan spring sky. Blue, grey and white spread out in a mixture of thin stratus and billowing thunderheads. The TaiShan Mountains tower majestically, as always. We start a brisk walk, bent into the wind that is blowing strong enough to give Lily a challenge in holding onto her own weight. he he ...As we take one step at a time towards one of the most spectaculars views. STONES ..STONES every were stones…

As we begin our climb in the late afternoon it is a beautiful sunset coming from the horizon at the tops of the mountians. Covered with stones. I think maybe this is where Mick Jagger got is groups name. The rolling stones. I have never seen so many stones in my life in awe. A picture tells a thousand words, well Mount Tai Shan shows a million stones turning to gold. An eyes view will tell the truth.

There are five famous mountains in China - East Tai Shan, West Hua Shan, South Heng Shan, Norh Heng Shan and Central Song Shan. Each one have a distinct speality. Mount Taishan is not the highest mountain, but it is the most famous of the five mountains. Mount Tai Shansymbolizes the Chinese Spirit. Since the Qin Dynasty (221BC ~ 206 BC), Mount Taishan is where past emperors worship Heaven and Earth. Countless stones have been left with the original inscriptions. It is truely amazing how my Lily told me that they can turn stone into gold. Only on Tai Shan will you be able to identify.

Mount Taishan is the the most magnificent mountain under heaven. In the Shan Dong Province With a height of 1,545 meters. It is mainly made up of natural sights as well as man-made sights. The scenery its mountianous view is breath-taking. The scenery from the top of Tai Shan is like looking a glazed elegant view of beauty. A mountian with a touch of class.

There are five scenic areas on Mount Taishan - the Dai Temple, the East and West Routes, the Mid-heaven Gate - junction of the two routes, and the Jade Emperor Summit.East Route: "Serenity" characterizes the east route. It is the best option to take for a long countless climb up Mount Taishan. The temperature change on the way up reminds you of the elevation you are assending to.

Dai Zong Archway, the place where Confucius had ever visited, Jing Shi Valley, Hu Tian Pavilion, Mid-heaven Gate, Five Pines Pavilion and Eighteen Bends.

The Eighteen Bends is a long and hard journey from Dui Songshan to Southheaven Gate in the Mount Taishan. It has three "Eighteen Bends" and 1630 steps. Seen from a distance, it would appear to be almost 400 meters up, vertically. When you climb this portion you will know why all the canes are for sale at the bottom. Old or young you better buy one. This is the postion you should be extra-extra careful when climbing these steps.

If you have any questions about your trip to Tai Shan please email me and I can answer most of your questions. Make sure you are prepared before you go here.

Coming soon more travel information

Shaolin Temple, KaiFeng, Xifu, Wuxi, Zhengzhou ....from Shanghai

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Jun 27, 2005 11:31 Reply

DEE0228 said:

I went to Tai Shan Mountain when i was a young girl. the sunrise and the sea of clouds left me very deep impression.

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