First Sight of Xian International Horticultural Exposition 2011 

Written by May 7, 2011 04:07
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The opening ceremony of the International Horticultural Exposition 2011, Xian was held on April 28 and I had a visit of the expo on that day. I would like to share my visiting experience with you.

It is hot recently in Xian, so I prepared many things before going there, including beach umbrella and sunscreen. There are a few shelters in the expo spot so that these things are very useful. I left for the expo early in the morning at around 7am. It took me almost 3 hours to get there from the south second circle ring in Xian. There were so many people in line outside the Guangyuan entrance so that I wait almost an hour. If you want to enter the expo spot early, you’d better get there early before 9am. Oh, one thing to remember, better take some soft water since it is expensive in the expo spot.

The entry procedure is similar as the airport. Visitors need to accept the check-in procedure. Well, many things are forbidden to take inside, such as horniness belly-wash, lighter, bat, fruit knife, etc. You’d better pay attention to those forbidden things before visiting the expo. When waiting outside the entrance, visitors can appreciate a unique green carve—the guest horse, which is worth of being taken photograph.

I entered the spot at almost 10am. I found there are baby carriage, wheelchair and electric bicycle rental services beside the entrance. It is very convenient for visitors. I also got a travel guide handbook which was very useful at the entrance free. According to the handbook, I found that there were 5 main parks available to visit and enjoy: Chang’an Park, Creativity Park, Five-Continent Park, Sci-tech Park, and Experience Park. Major buildings at the expo are the Chang’an Tower, the Greenhouse, the Theme Pavilion and the Guangyun Entrance. Among those, the Chang’an Tower, the Creativity Park and the Natural Park need to be reserved for visiting. After the safety checking in procedure, I booked the visiting of Chang’an Tower.

The first sight is Guangyun Bridge after the check-in channel in the expo spot. In front of Guangyun Bridge, a big and nice horticulture sculpture came to my eyes. It is the Chang’an Flower which is the mascot of the Horticultural Exposition. Many people took pictures there. Passing through Guangyun Bridge, I came to the Chang’an Flower Valley and viewed colorful Plants from the Qinling Mountains, Flowers along the Silk Road, Overseas Collections, and Flower Rainbow over the Ba River. After Chang’an Flower Valley, I chose to head to the Creativity Park direction. It was a pity that I didn’t get into it and just had an outlook about it. Then walk ahead, I arrived at the Southeast Asian Street which is an international garden with South Asian amorous feelings. Visitors can have their dinner there. The food there is very expensive but delicious. Anyway, I suggest you take food and drinks by yourself if possible. There are drinking troughs in the park, but it takes a lot of time to queue up to get water.

After a short rest at Southeast Asian Street, I continued my visit. It was very hot in the afternoon. It was so helpful to take an umbrella. My next sighting was Qinling Garden after across the Bamboo garden. This garden is very popular because visitors can see four kinds of state conservation animals here, including the Panda, Crested Ibis, Takin and Golden Monkey. There was a long queue outside the garden. I had to wait almost 30 minutes. I suggest you ask about the waiting time from the park staff if it is necessary to queue up. If the time is long, you’d better give up in order to save time. One thing to mention, a good sunshine protection is very important when waiting under the sunshine.

Walk up the steps after visiting the Qinling Garden, I arrived at Taiyi Celestial Being Kiosk. It is a nice place for me to have a good rest since I was so tired after walking so long. I regretted not renting a bicycle. It is a nice choice to ride a bicycle to visit the park since the park was in such a larger area. I heard that the fee of the bicycle rental service is CNY15/hour. Well, I found that visitors could overlook the water performance stage which is in lotus flower shape completely here. Then I visited the Greenhouse located at the Splendid Lake. It is the botanic greenhouse of the International Horticultural Exposition with rare plants and eco-landscapes from different regions of various climates in the world displayed in it. Going across the Greenhouse, I saw the Chang’an Tower. It is the symbol of this Horticultural Exposition. I was lucky to climb to the top of the tower. It is really the best place to overview the whole park.

Since time limited, I just got a superficial understanding through cursory observation of the World Garden, International Garden, European Avenue and China Garden in sequence later. Well, the European Avenue is really nice. I had a general understanding of the European traditional culture there. When I finished my visiting, it was already 7pm. I was very tired but exciting. Oh, one unpleasant things to mention, there in only a few washrooms in the park. There is always a long queue outside. Anyway, the International Horticultural Exposition is really worth visiting.

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Nov 9, 2011 10:51 Reply

Mr.SRINIVASAN from India/Dubai said:

I am Srinvasan,Indian living in dubai,I was visit China on oct 16 to 29oct 2011.The country filled with nature and culture,I enjoyed.This trip Ofered by my son and doughter in law who is working in Shanghai.I am visited Shanghai,beijing,xianand guilin.All distination are realy great,exspcialy Gulin is gift for china.Ok friends I enjoyed much but I had one bad exprience in Xian,Morning We (21/10/2011my self my cotravaler one Turkey engineer and our guide Coco.)First we visit the city wall.Enjoyed.Last we planed to left city wall I wand to make a photo the endrence of city wall,there was little big crowed,some pushing and pulling was there,sombody use this situvation they picked my valet.Luckly nothing valuables,little money and my visa(cridit) card.I feel with in a min. my valet was picked,I in to my guide She is help less,any how I managed,this make me little upset.I never expect this in China.Except this I enjoyed China tour.Next time I will very carefull about every thing.Thanks a lot to share my feeling with you.China is realy one of the great tourist distanation,there is no doubt.Thanks guys.
Thanks guys.

Nov 9, 2011 19:31
Mr.LIU replied:

Sorry to hear about this. Next time you come to Xian, please take care of your belongings. There are many thieves in Xian. I once lost my wallet and cellphone too.

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