Taking Kids to Shanghai Expo

Written by Mrs. LIZ CHEN Jun 21, 2010 21:12
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I have visited the Expo 2010 with my nearly three-year-old baby for three days and I want to share my experience with you.

Many people suggest that you'd better not take baby with you to the Expo as there are so many visitors there. I think it depends on your demands.
1. If your baby is under one year old, you'd better not bring him with you. It is difficult for the little baby because of the hot weather and crowed people.
2. If your baby is between one and two years old, you can bring him with no doubt. Because there are green channels for baby less than 2 years old in most pavilions except several popular pavilions. You can avoid queuing up.
3. You should think over about bringing your baby if he is between 2 and 3 years old. Because baby at this age has his own opinions. He would like to say 'No' to the things he doesn't like. He may complain about queuing up for a long time, In addition, most green channels are only for children under 2 years old. You may have troubles with your baby.
4. If your baby is older than 3 years old, you should make a clear decision. Of course there is no green channel for the baby at this age. According to the provisions of the Expo now, it is not allowed to rent a child go-cart for a baby older than 3. If your baby is very stunted and may be mistaken as a little baby under 2, you may use the green channel.
5. If you want to visit the very popular pavilions, such as Saudi Arabian Pavilion and German Pavilion, you'd better not take baby with you. Because you need to queue up a long time there.

You should prepare well for visiting the Expo with baby.
1. I think you should take a small stool, better be the trigonal stool with a gallus and should be high enough. Otherwise, it would be uncomfortable for you to carry baby with curled legs. The parents can have rest in turn.
2. A baby carriage must be prepared. Though there are baby carriages free for visitors to rent with deposit, it is very discommodious. First, the amount of the baby carriage is limited. In order to rent one, you have to get up early to queue up. Even though we arrived at the entrance at 8:40, we could not rent a baby carriage. Second, you should return the baby carriage at the place where you rent it. It may cause great trouble for the visitors whose arrangements of entrance and exit are not at the same place. Moreover, you must return the baby carriage before 9:00p.m. We have to get out of the expo in advance for returning the baby carriage. Last, baby carriage is a need for you to go through the green channels of many pavilions. You can not use the green channel if you have no carriage even through your baby is very little.
3. You should bring the birth certificate of your baby under 3. My baby is 105cm although he is only 3 years old. They did not lease baby carriage to me as they think my baby is older than 3. I have to show my baby's birth certificate to them. So you can reduce unnecessary trouble if you bring the birth certificate of your baby.
4. Plastic bag or an empty bottle should be prepared. Since there is no single washroom of many pavilions, parents should prepare something for catching the baby's urine.
5. You should take enough wipes as it is no problem to pass the security check. It is useful for the baby after eating.
6. A small thin quilt should be taken with you. Baby can use it when he is sleeping.
7. Food must be prepared well for your baby.

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Jun 28, 2010 13:32 Reply

Mr.ABUMALIK from Oman said:

i have 3 kids , boy aged 5 and girls aged 9 and 10. is the Expo a good place for them or is it for adults

Jun 28, 2010 21:33
Ms.EMMA replied:

It is tired to walking to much while visiting the Expo for kids.

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