Teaching Experience in Changzhi

Written by Mr. KHAN Aug 14, 2012 01:47
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Hello readers! I thought that I should inform people correctly about Changzhi city, I came out here a year ago with my family and had no idea about Changzhi, as there is very limited information about it on the internet. Firstly, DO NOT go to teach English at Changzhi University, that place is a NO NO!! They have no idea about foreigners or even simple manners, that place has corruption and racist attitudes plastered all over the place. None of the foreign teachers I had met there had enjoyed working there, most of them were smart and left.

The accommodation is extremely DANGEROUS, I was electrocuted twice, once through water!! My foot got broken due to faulty furniture and they provided us with no medical assistance or even any assistance in the case of an emergency, which we had to learn about the hard way. We had four gas leaks in our apartment during our time there, even our children were complaining of severe headaches. During spring vacation, he came and went through all our personal items and will use his set of keys to enter the apartment that you have been given to live in. He is so abhorrent, he told us to go back home, which is extremely RACIST!!! He will also dishonor the contract and try to avoid paying for your reimbursed airfare, or give you a reference at the end, we had such problems at this place that we couldn't wait to leave, which was a shame, because the only saving grace for this place is the lovely students, but the management here are seriously messed up, we really wish someone had warned us.


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Dec 3, 2014 19:14 Reply

Ms.LITTLE GIRL from USA said:

Mr. Khan, I have a question to ask you. My class is learning about China and I want to get some information about this BIG country. Could you please reply as soon as possible in `comments` for Ms. Little Girl or Ms. I Want To Know More?

Ms.Little Girl

P.S. Could you give us good facts because I am in third grade?

Dec 3, 2014 19:17
Ms.I WANT TO KNOW MORE from USA replied:

Sis, That was cool! You wrote a lot. At least more than when you do homework.


Apr 1, 2013 16:06 Reply

Mr.FRANK from China said:

At first I was just looking for something about my home town, then found this. I come from the small city changzhi, the small but really beautiful city.and I am still a student in this school. Some of the information is true, but some not, I think why foreign teachers dislike here probably because they still don't know how to get alone with those traditional chineses. I know lots foreigners there, even dated with someone, most of them like their teaching there.


Aug 14, 2012 01:48 Reply

Mr.ADAM from USA said:

I worked at Changzhi College (or Changzhi University) and I investigated this matter raised by Mr Khan. Everything he has said here is true. The man he talks about is of the lowest character. On first arrival teachers are treated very well. However, problems occur when they want to leave and/or claim any money owing to them. Or, problems occur when they stand up to a childish man who likes to abuse his authority to make himself feel important.

Aside from Mr Khan, there is a long list of teachers who have been treated badly over the past few years. Mr Khan's experience of coming home to find someone has used their set of keys to enter his apartment is not uncommon. One teacher came home to find someone else living in his apartment, and that he had been fired. Some of his property had also been stolen.

The campus at Changzhi College is squalid, with filthy latrines. The stench from the latrines invades the classrooms and is enough to make you sick. The students must pay for showers here, so at most they wash themselves once per week. It is advisable to keep the windows open in class.

Academic standards are also very low. Students come here because they can't get in anywhere else. Amazingly there are still some good students; about 5 in each class of 40. Cheating is rife. There is no shame about cheating here at Changzhi College - it is lead by the monitors. All students graduate, either with a 3 year diploma of a 4 year degree. Changzhi College bears all the hallmarks of a diploma mill, yet they have recently attempted to attach themselves to respected universities in Malaysia and the United States.

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