Transportation from HK to Shenzhen

Written by Mr. M Dec 10, 2012 22:34
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For anyone who is going to Shenzhen, I do not recommend the bus ride from Hong Kong. It may seem appealing because of the direct drop off at some of the major hotels, but it’s definitely not worth it. The ticket agent also failed to tell us that there was a transfer as well, so time was lost waiting for a bus change.
 The bus ride is very unsafe, with small shuttles acting as buses and the drivers having no regard for their passengers. I had a very scary and nauseating experience on a recent bus ride from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Not only was the fair 4 times as much as the MTR, it was horrifically scary. Passengers were begging the driver to slow down, since everyone was scared for their lives. He was constantly on his cell phone, so he was obviously distracted with calls instead of paying attention to the road.
 In my opinion, the MTR from Hong Hom to Lo Wu station would have been a little more of a hassle but at least it’s the safest route. 

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May 22, 2016 00:26 Reply

Mr.VJ from India said:

How do I travel to Futian Port(福田口岸), Lok Ma Chau from HK airport? Which is convenient way to reach there (I have octopus card)? Also if I am going to Shajing Town in Baoan district can I catch the taxi from this port directly? where and how expensive it might be? Thanks in advance.

May 23, 2016 22:03
Mr.RICHARD from USA replied:

Upon landing, you are suggested to take shuttle bus no.A43, get off at Sheung Shui Railway Station. Then transfer to East Rail Line to arrive at Lok Ma Chau. The whole way takes around 75 mins. And the ticket fare is 54.3 HKD per person. After arriving, pass the border and you will get to Futian Port, Shenzhen.

In addition, from the port to Shajing Town, it's ok for you to take a taxi. It costs around CNY 150 in usual time. You can easily find one when you arriving at the Futian Port. Don't worry. :)


Mar 1, 2016 20:32 Reply

Mr.VJ from Canada said:

Hi, I need to receive my wife from Hongkong Airport and then travel to Bao'an district (Shajing Center bus terminal) in Shenzhen, kindly let me know if I have luggage with me, whats the comfortable ride to reach the destination. Thanks.

Mar 2, 2016 19:31
Mr.ADELE from Australia replied:

Hello, the direct cross-border coach can be a good choice. You can easily take one at the Coach Terminal, T2, HKIA. There are many schedules to Baoan (170HKD, 2 hours), and you should get off at Hengfeng Haiyue International Hotel. Then ride city bus no. M413 to Shajing Jiedaoban stop and walk to your destination, or straightly take a cab there with the fare of CNY60-70. Luggage can be taken onboard. No worry!


Sep 23, 2015 08:41 Reply

Mr.JOAO from Portugal said:

I need to go from Hong Kong Wan Chai to Shenzhen's north station.
Which is the best transportation option?

Sep 25, 2015 20:52
Mr.RICK from Canada replied:

Joao, there are transit bus from Wai Chai to Huanggang Port. After you pass the port, you can walk around 70 meters to take no. 326 bus from Huanggang to People's Square East Station. Then take Longhua line (subway) to Shenzhen North Railway Station. Getting out from Exit C and walk around 250 meters, you can find the railway station.


Sep 14, 2014 05:07 Reply

Mr.ANTONINO MILANO from Italy said:

can you tell me about a visa to shenzhen arriving from hong kong we are Italian and how much cost for 30 days the visa


Sep 14, 2014 05:04 Reply

Mr.ANTONINO MILANO from Italy said:

i like to know if i can buy a visa in arrival to shenzhen from hong kong we are Italians and how much is the cost for 30 days Antonino Milano

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