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Written by Feb 20, 2013 10:49
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The western coffee culture has hit China and since 2006, Independent and Chain Franchise Coffee Houses have been popping up all over the country which has also attracted the American Starbucks and the British Costa franchise investments. I'm a espresso coffee lover, a trained barista instructor and I also own coffee house galleries. I'm a frequent traveller to Baotou City and haven't discovered any western coffee chain franchises and to be honest many of the independent coffee house establishments are giving coffee a bad name, due to the lack of proper ingredients, equipment, knowledge, training and presentation skills.

Therefore, I have made it my mission to go to all the coffee houses in Baotou City and review their coffee menus and give scores between 1 - 10, 1 as being terrible and 10 being excellent. After experiencing their coffee menus, I will offer my training services in exchange for free coffee anytime upon my return, to be honest this is a very generous offer and ensures everyone makes decent western coffee for all to enjoy. 

I think it would be a very good idea for me to present the coffee house businesses with a certificate of western approval to advertise to customers and to add them to this forum with before and after reviews.

The reviews must be consistent therefore, I think it is only best to judge these coffee house establishments on one type of coffee (Cappucinno) and on the following categories that include:

1. Understanding The Coffee Menu.
2. Coffee Presentation.
3. Coffee Taste.
4. Coffee Texture.
5. CoffeeTemperature.
6. Coffee Cost (Average +/- 25RMB).
7. Coffee House - Art Deco.
8. Coffee House - Service.
9. Coffee House - Toilets.
10. Coffee House - Your Personal Comments. 

Please ensure you mention the following about the Coffee House:

1. Name.
2. Address.
3. Contact Number.
4. Photograph of the front of the business (If possible).

Good luck and any problems send me a message.


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