Taxi Gangster in Beijing

Written by Mar 9, 2013 09:47
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I have previously lived some years in China, and I thrive in China. But my big blunder was to take a flight to Beijing (Peking).
After visiting this crappy city six times, it is now definitely closed chapter. No more Beijing. Always problems there. This time, 10 degrees cold and tormenting winds. Taxi Gangsters, requesting 120 RMB for a 1.5 km trip. My wife came in diskusion with them, because their view was that Wai Guo Ren (alien) can pay. Lian said it is my husband and the price dropped to RMB 80. I took pictures of their identities in a dozen taxis and thought to notify the taxi company so they could avoid having to drive a taxi. The atmosphere intimidating and police officers in the police car on the street totally disinterested, because they certainly had "income" from this taxis.
We needed to quickly get from there and had to take a "taxi from the black marked" for 60 RMB. Normal price for this trip is 10 RMB, which we paid when we later drove away in a new pretty Chinese luxury car. He was also 10 RMB extra for that he could drive a car. We spent two days in bed and watched the New Year's shows because we could not get train tickets before because of New Year's week.

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Apr 23, 2013 09:24 Reply

Mr.CRISTIÁN BARKER from Chile said:

I had a good experience when it comes to taxi drivers. By day everyone used the meter and by night I bargained to get close to de day price for a similar trip.


Mar 31, 2013 11:56 Reply

Mr.HADI from INDONESIA said:

I totally agree with both MR.GUNNARF and MR.JAN. the taxi driver over there are mafias. Reap off, Disdain to customers and means. At 5 o clock in the afternoon, they dont want to take us to hotel mentioning even got paid RMB 100 still dont want to take us about 3 km journey.
While at night 930 they just pass by like there is no need for money. This kind of behaviour really makes tourist all over the world had a bad experience about china specially beijing. With the cold winds at night and cold behaviour of taxi driver this makes worse. Thus my friend got lost luggage from taxi due to the driver force us to get off taxi and took off just like that. The luggage contain passport and other important stuff.


Mar 9, 2013 17:17 Reply

Mr.JAN KURZ from Canada said:

I completely agree with Mr. Gunnarf11 about taxi drivers.
It is bothering us to the point that we are reluctant to visit China ever again. Taxi drivers, just refused to take us for a short distance (2-3km) and only laughed at us. They were asking for unreasonable amount of money and not willing to use meter. We had a situation that one taxi actually asked for US $100 for a small trip from the Airport Express Terminal at Dongzhimen to Coutryard 7 Hotel (about 4 km)!
In another instance our Courtyard 7 Hotel front desk was unable to order us taxi when we were transferring from them to Kapok Hotel (about 3km). They told us that they could get us taxi only if we were going to the airport. This was a difficult situation for us, since being in Hutong, bus station was fairly far and it is not easy to travel on bus with large and heavy luggage. We were not able to obtain the license information about drivers who refused to take us, since they would leave very quickly, so we can't make a specific complaint about these individuals.
We are not an isolated case. This is a widespread problem and we heard about this from many travelers. Now we are very hesitant to recommend visit of Beijing to our friends and other contacts we have through various web sites.

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