A 13 Days Trip in Yunnan - Three

Written by May 23, 2013 02:30
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Day 9
We consumed too much energy yesterday. This morning, we got up very late. After dinner, my boyfriend suggested we should hike from Lige to Xiaoluoshui Village. Actually, we already did it by bike yesterday. But my boyfriend believed that we would have a different experience. It’s true. Without bike, we could walk to the Lugu Lake, pick up some shells and enjoy the breeze.

We finally arrived at Xiaoluoshui Village around 14:00. Both of us felt hungry. We walked into a local’s home and asked if she could cook lunch for us. She agreed and made two bowls of noodles. We chatted with her for a while. She told us that she was building a hostel and all the money was given by her 24 years old daughter. We could feel that she was very proud of her daughter.

There is a stone path that leads to the Lige Village. We followed the path and finally reached Lige Village. We picked another restaurant to have dinner. The dishes were served slowly and tasted horrible. Then we went to visit the Grandmother’s room.

The grandmother’s room is a special place where the boss of the family lives. Mosuo people still keep the characteristics of the matrilineal society. Thus, women are the bosses of the families. It seems that every hostel here has such a room. Then we got back to our room.

Day 10 Lugu Lake – Lijiang
We are going to leave Lugu Lake this morning. The tourism bus from Lugu Lake to Lijiang left at 10:00. It was over 16:00 when we arrived in Lijiang. We bought some local specialties, had two bowls of rice noodles and then went to the railway station to catch train from Lijiang to Kunming.

Day 11 Kunming – Yuanyang
We reached Kunming Railway Station past 06:00. Getting out of the railway station, we found a bus ticket sales window on the left hand. There we bought two tickets for Yuanyang. There are just three buses from Kunming to Yuanyang every day. The earliest one departs at 10:20. However, passengers have to take the bus from the Kunming South Bus Station. Thus, we took C71 bus from the Kunming railway station to Kunming South Bus Station to catch the bus.

It took more than six hours from Kunming to Yuanyang. We arrived nearly 18:00. The bus stopped at Xinjie Town, which was a bit far from Duoyishu Village.

Yuanyang has main four rice terrace scenic areas: Duoyishu, Bada, Qingkou and Laohuzui (Tiger’s Mouth). The entrance ticket is CNY 100 for all four scenic areas. It is valid for two days and tourists can only visit one scenic area for once.

If you want to see sunrise, please go to Duoyishu Scenic Area. The sun rises around 06:00 in the village. If you live at Xinjie Town, you have to get up at 05:00 and then hurry up to reach Duoyishu Village. It’s inconvenient and unsafe to go alone when it is dark outside. So I suggest you stay at Shengcun Village or Duoyishu Village.

If you want to appreciate the sunset, please go to Laohuzui. Then you can visit other two places (Bada and Qingkou) at daytime.

The distance from one scenic area to anther is too long. Thus, tourists are suggested to hire a vehicle to visit the four scenic areas. It costs around 300 RMB per day. The driver we hired was a young guy from the Hani Ethnic Minority. He charge us 250 RMB per day for visiting the four scenic areas and sending us back to Xinjie Town.

Day 12 Yuanyang
We got up at 06:00 and then walked 150 meters to the Duoyishu Rice Terraces Scenic Area. At the entrance gate, we bought two tickets and then walked to the viewing platform. There my boyfriend set up the tripod and waited for the sunrise.

A good picture of the rice terraces bathed in the sunrise depends on several factors: season (when you come), weather condition and terraces (if the water is retained). Unfortunately, we encountered heavy fog so that we didn’t take some amazing pictures.

After the sun rose in the sky, we went back to the hostel, checked out and then contacted the driver to bring us to Bada. We finally visited all the four scenic areas before 17:00. Then the driver took us to Xinjie Town. There we bought two tickets for Kunming. The bus departed at 18:30 and reached Kunming South Bus Station past 02:00. I wouldn’t suggest any tourist take the sleeping bus. It’s too smelly on the bus.

Day 13 Kunming – Beijing
It’s past 02:00 when we arrived at Kunming South Bus Station. Many people chose to sleep on the bus. We couldn’t bear the smelly odor so that we caught a taxi to the airport shuttle bus station. It cost us 50 RMB. The earliest airport shuttle bus arrives at 05:00. We still had to wait for 2 hours. There was a street barbecue stand near the station. So we ordered some roast lamb meat and beer.

The airport shuttle bus arrived on time. We arrived at the airport, checked in and boarded the plane from Kunming to Beijing. The plane took off at 07:40. Our 13-day journey came to its end at last.

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