Is sign "One World One Dream" still in Great Wall?

Written by Mr. ALTA Sep 1, 2013 22:19
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Hi, 'I just came back from my Beijing trip and I did not see the sign "One World One Dream" from Badaling Gate. There was not Cable Car either. Instead, we used the sliding road which was sliding up and down.
It was very hot in beginning of August, and great wall was very crowdy by mostly Asian.
I called the main taxi number in Beijing, but lady asked me to speak Chinese, and I said I can speak English, and she said "BYE BYE", and hung up. Her english accent sounds perfect to me, but I did not get why she required me to order a taxi in Chinese, Odd. Anywhere, Beijing has nice convenient subway system that is same as in America.
I left tip in small restaurant, and waitress run to me after I left, and handed me my tip kkk, I surprised by it.


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Sep 1, 2013 22:58 Reply

Mr.JIMMYB from China said:


I don't know "One World One Dream" sign is still on the Great Wall. But I do believe that the cable car is available. You know, I went to visit Badaling two times. I went there in 2010 and 2012. It's too cold. We came to Deshengmen Bus Station first and then take direct bus No.877 to Badaling. The tour guide on the bus kept introducing and promoting souvenir to us. It's annoying. The bus just stopped near the ticket windows of the slideway.

When we got off the bus, the tour guide asked us to take the slideway to the top of the great wall. I refused. Actually, there is an entrance ahead of the ticket windows of the slideway. If you entered from the gate, then you could buy the entrance tickets there.

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