Written by Oct 23, 2005 04:10
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I arrived Chengdu at about 0200 p.m. with the great sense of excitement. After getting off from the plane, I started feeling the sense of challenging by signs written in Chinese around me. It felt really good not to be able to read those signs as what I had missed the most was the sense of unknown. I surely knew this trip would be hard, tough and most importantly challenging due to the fact that I couldn't speak the language. All I had is only Easy Chinese book, and some Chinese phrases I got out from Lonely Planet book I bought.

After picking up my backpack, we tried to catch the bus taking us to downtown where we planned to stay on the first night. It was our first time testing whether or not what we had practiced would work. We right on started asking people questions in Chinese. We didn't even bother talking to them in English as we knew most people barely spoke English. It was fun talking to people in Chinese since most people got what we tried to say after we had said that 3-4 times, at least. Finally, we were physically on the bus that costed only RMB 10 each after 45 minutes of trying, getting frustrated, and laughing at ourselves.


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Jun 26, 2006 09:54 Reply

ALMOND said:

Ha! Ha! Do I look Chinese to you? Of course, I do! I can't speak the language though, but am surely learning and trying extensively! I'll be back to China again this coming August just to see if my Chinese has been improved!


Jun 26, 2006 07:01 Reply


You look Chinese to me.
In China you speak Chinese.
Your English is good !!


Oct 23, 2005 21:14 Reply

WOCCA said:

Welcome to Chengdu ....

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