Scamming Taxi drivers/ corrupt bus drivers for Jiankou Visit

Written by Ms. ELLIE Apr 9, 2014 19:59
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Hi I went to Jiankou recently I just wanted to warn others based on my experience. Beware of scamming taxi drivers who hop on the bus (at various random bus stops) and tell you to get off the bus. They just want to scam you in getting the bus off early and take their taxis. Don't fall for it. They will actually walk up to you (on the bus)and tell you "Gui low"/ white guy get off bus for great wall. When I went there .... there was a corrupted bus driver at the bus stop telling others to get off too. The bus driver at the bus stop was wearing the his blue uniform with the drivers patch on his arm. So unfortunately some corrupt bus drivers are in on the scam as well. This Taxi driver hopping on the bus thing actually reoccurred 4 more times during my journey to the great wall.... Taxi drivers hoping on and off the bus. Eventually, I did take a taxi but not until I had to.... the prices are definitely negotiable. The taxi drivers will convince you to pay the return journey up front. I refused to I only paid them half the amount and told them if they want the other half they will get it when they bring me back to the main bus station. Also, negotiation when you want to be picked up from Jiankou too, I didn't do that and taxi driver insisted he will pick me up in 3hrs fr. the time I arrived at JK :( It takes around 45 min to go up JK and 30 to come back down. I personally think 5hrs is a good time because you want enjoy the wall a bit.

Also, Don't go to JK unless the sky is clear because the air in Beijing is pretty bad recently and there is not much to see once your up there. I would suggested getting someone write the Chinese bus stop names on a piece of paper for you as the English names mean nothing to the bus drivers.

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