Macau is Hood Place but very expensive

Written by Mr. SAFEER AHMED Nov 4, 2015 08:45
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this was the worst experience of my life. Other than that macau is an excellent place but always remember u need to carry a minimum of 800 USD or around 9000HDK to enter macau. From macau, you can get to hong kong by ferry which has visa on arrival for a period of 7 days . But you must have a confirmed return ferry ticket and a hotel booking in hong kong to get the visa or they deport you back to macao.

If ur planning a budget trip DO NOT COME TO MACAU. everything is expensive. Starting 2star hotel in macau is 650MOP (5200Rs) for one night. A starting taxi fare for first KM is 17MOP(136Rs) and for every 1 km its 6 MOP (40RS). Buses are cheap but the bus fare for one stop or the last stop is the same amount 6MOP (36Rs) by the way the MFM airport is in TAIPA.

It takes 20 - 25 mins in a taxi to go to the macau (depends where ur going) the Biggst hotel is the GALAXY hotel. But you need to show your above 21 to get in. Once you get into GALAXY hotel, you need at lest 1 full day to take a full tour. There is a smoking and a non smoking casino. If you are lucky, you might even win big or you might lose all you have. I put in 500HDK and cashed out 700. But my friend put in 1500HKD and cashed out only 100 back. So its just luck. Try the slots too. It just 10HKD for a spin. You win and you get from around 50 to 50000.

THE MAJOR PROBLEM HERE IS THE LANGUAGE. Not a single person on the street or a shop or even a cop understands a single word of ENGLISH. So to communicate, it the worst.  You need to carry a map to visit places here or need to navigate on the maps on the phone. You can buy sim prepaid cards on the street anywhere without proof for 50 or 100 HKD/MOP with the same talktime of the amount. The sim card is only valid for 30days from the day of purchase.  Here for 1GB of 3G data its 100 HKD (800Rupees) . To call india, you need to dial 0091 and the mobile number or 009144 for landline. the call rates for india are 10MOP/HKD per minute (80Rs.). The rest in the streets you have lovely and variety of food, mostly portugese and cantonese.  If you are a vegetarian, then you need to starve until you find a mc donals or a 7-11.

Please be careful of pickpoketers in macau. Keep ur money in your pockets and not ur wallets. My friends wallet got stolen on the streets. They act so cool.  They follow you and steal so quick and then they run.  You wont know even for a second why the person is running unless you check your pockets. If you are a smoker or a drinker, then the price for a pack of cigg is 55 HKD and a pint of beer is 60HKD.

Sorry for such a long post, but this was my experience in just 1 week.  I spent around 80k for this trip. And yes, one more thing, please dont forget to carry your passport with the visa (visa is like a paper from the atm, it gets cleared and its without a photo and no stamps are on the passport) because the when the cops see foreigners, they harass you a lot and check what is on you. Please be safe if ur coming to macau.

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Feb 12, 2017 05:28 Reply

TEENAJII90 said:

Yeah, I agree with you. Macau is very expensive. When I was there, I had same experience like you, Now I don't want to go there.

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