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Nov 4, 2015 08:45

this was the worst experience of my life. other than that macau is an excellent place but always remember u need to carry a minimum of 800 USD or around 9000HDK to enter macau. from macau u can get to hong kong by ferry which has visa on arrival for a period of 7 days . but u must have a confirmed return ... Details

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Dec 14, 2014 23:25

On 13 of December 2014 I had a fly from Guangzhou to Moscow. When I checked-in a stuff at the Baiyunairport said that i have an over weigh (29 kg, it was allowed 23 kg), he cherged me 100 euro. I was sure that my baggage is not so haevy, but I couldn't prove that, coz the airport has no control weigh, ... Details

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Aug 31, 2013 04:14

Scooter, being the primary mode of transport for locals, is a wonderful way to see the sites of Macau. Renting a scooter in Macau can provide the convenience and freedom to see some of the more beautiful and less crowded spots, such as the Coloane Village, Cheoc Van Beach or the Portuguese fort in just ... Details

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Dec 6, 2012 10:24

I had the best durian ice cream in Macau at McPherson's Sweet Shoppe 麥弗遜美味甜品屋 near Rune's of St. Paul.
It's so different than other durian ice cream I had in any other place... Sooo delicious.
Little difficult to find the place, but they have signs in main road to St. Paul.
Owner ... Details

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Aug 25, 2011 03:21

My friends and I paid a visit to our mutual friend in Hong Kong the past April. Since Macau is so close to Hong Kong and so easy to reach, we visited Macau together and spent one day there.

We took a ferry from Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal to reach Macau. My friend in Hong Kong got the ticket ... Details

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Feb 1, 2008 03:26

A second trip to the wonderful land of Macau, steeped in history & a truly cosmopolitan island. Arriving by boat I was fortunate to stay with my now wife! Macau is diverse, full of interesting buildings, a mish-mash of colonial Portuguese & modern Chinese as well as USA influenced casinos. Casino's ... Details

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Jan 23, 2008 05:19

Landing at the Chek Lap Kok airport of Hong Kong, one is sure to be dazzled by its glitter of steel and chrome. This airport is indeed a marvel of architecture. It was early morning and the train from our landing terminal to the main terminal was fast and clean; these trains run every few minutes. We ... Details

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Nov 22, 2007 08:15

Having before not vetured far from the UK it was time to take the plunge, Macau! I travelled via Heathrow to Hong Kong & caught the quick & efficient Aerofoil boat (30 mins) to Macau. Possibly one of the most vibrant & busiest places on Earth. I stayed with a resident of Macau & got to experience the ... Details

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Jun 6, 2007 00:06

Something exciting is brewing at the Zhuhai - Macau border.

Indigenous ladies, in their 40s to 50s, are lugging trolley loads of boxed food items from Macau to Zhuhai China. Items such as Kellogg’s cornflakes, Red Bull and Quaker Oats are popular picks. It looks as if they had just ... Details

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Feb 7, 2006 22:02

I’ve always had a deep respect for men of the sea for in their wake go others - merchants, scoundrels, missionaries, scholars, mothers, entrepreneurs and more. Such was the case of Macau which for centuries had offered safe haven for both refugees and mariners. During the 12th and 13th centuries, ... Details

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