10 Day Private Tour

Written by Mr. PHILIP JOHNSON May 2, 2018 13:58
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We have just returned from a wonderful 10 day tour in China and we wanted to say that we were very impressed by the services provided by TravelChinaGuide.

My wife, Susan, initially contacted Sophie Yang, who very patiently helped us sort out an itinerary to suit our needs.  This took some time and a lot of changing around, but Sophie replied instantly to our latest  requests and re-submitted revised itineraries.  So many thanks to Sophie for her patience and assistance.

Our trip was to fly to Beijing, to Xian, train to Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise to Yichang and then on to Chengdu to visit the Panda Research Centre with a 3 night stay in Chengdu before flying home.

We did all of our internal travel by 1st Class Rail and it was a wonderful way to travel.

Our drivers and guides were extremely good.  There was Linda and Maggie in Beijing, making sure we got to the hotel and then on to the trains.  Followed by Angela in Xi'an who was very knowledgeable and made sure we saw the Terracotta Warriors from the best viewpoints, along with the City Wall. 

In Chongqing Amy led us around the Ciqihou streets and we also decided to include the Huguang Assembly Hall, which was well worth the visit.  

The President 6 was a very good cruise ship and we enjoyed our time and sight seeing trips with them.  The only downside, we would say, was that, although they say they provide Western food, it was quite sadly lacking.  This was not a problem for Susan as she loves spicy Chinese food, but for me I had a problem finding something to eat.  On the plus side the drinks with lunch and dinner were inclusive.

When we arrived near to Yichang we had to disembark and be drive into Yichang because the water levels were low.  This was not a problem and our guide Sally, too us to a lovely restaurant for lunch, which we both enjoyed.  We visited the Yichang Museum, which was very interesting.

In Chengdu, we were met by Tony and taken to the hotel.  Up early the next day and off to see the Pandas.  Tony had an exceptionally good knowledge in regard to the pandas and we were treated to a pack of teenagers having a good time, climbing, wrestling and in one instance falling in the drinking pool.

We also visited the Jinsha Museum which asked more questions that it answered on where the people who had lived in the area had come from and why they had disappeared.

Finally, a note regarding the drivers.  Truly skilled and in some cases extremely entertaining men.

Having so many guides, gave us a great insight into China, it's culture and history.  Each guide added to our limited knowledge and made the whole trip interesting and entertaining.

Thank you once again to all of TravelChinaGuide for making our trip a memorable one.

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