Walking in Mid-Land---Part5

Written by Mar 29, 2006 20:03
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The hometown of foolish man

I got on my bus to Jiyuan. It cost 9RMB. The bus was poor, and men was smoking, women was eating! I had to open the windows. I went to Jiyuan for visiting a friend. After 2 hours, I arrived the small city, it was dark! My friend picked up me, and then we went to have supper with his girlfriend.

I stayed in his home, and we recollected our university’s life, and talked about all the classmates. We went to bed very late at that night.

I still got up earlier in the morning, and after breakfast, we went out for walking. The city was small and peaceful. I visited a mosque and church. At this time, I came into the mosque, there was nothing in it. And I prayed in the church, had a worship there.

The city was famous for the foolish man. There was a sculpture of him in the downtown in the city.

It is an allegory, and means unremitting! But why didn’t the foolish man move his home to another place?

After the short time visiting the small city, we returned his home for lunch, and had a good rest after mean, then, I had to go to Zhengzhou, and returned Beijing.

I got on a bus in the coach station, the bus was comfortable and fast, 34RMB, about 2.5 hours. I arrived Zhengzhou nearly 6 o’clock, and stayed in a fast food restaurant, waiting my train.

The way to home

My train leaved Zhengzhou at 20:00, it was still a poor one. You can open the window, the train was green, and there was a sock seller……I can’t sleep the whole night. And I hope I can arrive Beijing as soon as possible.

I arrived Beijing South Railway Station in the morning, and I have never been to this station before, so poor! I really wanted to go bed, and sleep!

During this trip, I knew real Henanren, and I reviewed a lot of history, and I knew a german girl who was named Sabine, and looking forward to meeting her in Beijing.

The end!!!

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Comments (7)


Apr 8, 2006 10:26 Reply


It is a folklore,and just tell a verity to persons!

Thanks a again,I will write more when I am free!


Apr 7, 2006 03:47 Reply


Is the Foolish Man a fact or was it just a folklore, Cali ?
If it is fact, probably moving away is what he might do. If it is just a folklore, then it is to tell the morale of the tale.
I like your review esp at the top of the review u mentioned the cost of your trip and it is useful. We also know where exactly your journey was.


Mar 30, 2006 21:16 Reply


maybe this part:)


Mar 29, 2006 21:22 Reply


It doesn't matter!And I also felt so bad!And I try to translate a new one,and then edit it!

Thx!you are helpful!


Mar 29, 2006 21:20 Reply


O, no, u deleted that portion ? So, sorry, Cali.

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