A Memorable Trip to Qingdao

Written by Apr 1, 2004 17:04
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To start with, I was here myself looking for Information before taking the trip to Qingdao. I got immense feedback from there people here, but as the saying goes...."When u ride it then u know it"
I am here to share my first hand experience with you guys, hope this helps to the travelers especially visiting Qingdao.

Travel Time & Duration -
I went to Qingdao in Chinese Lunar New Year 2004. I stayed for 5 days, starting from day 1 of the Lunar New Year, till the middle of the festive season. Remember Chinese Lunar New Year lasts for at least 2 weeks in a row.

The Season -
Winter season is Cold, Windy, snowing, Sunny. I saw all these during my 5 day trip. One day it snowed, as far as i remember no online weather forecast sites mentioned it. It was sunny rest of the days but sun was bearly making any effect as it was quite windy, so for those taking a pleasure trip be aware u need to cover up from head to toe to go outside and have fun. Winter season is good for traveling to some people but it's always good to get ur ears coverd otherwise it would go num. As long as ur prepared from head to toe then nothing is going to hinder you from enjoying the scenic beauty of Qingdao.

The Place -
I'd like to put it next to hongkong, even though hongkong is a big city with sky scapers around but beaware this city too has got a lot to see along the coast the new town, clean, well developed, sky scapers, monuments, old buildings depecting western architecture very well preserved,
TV tower (25 min by car from Zhongshan Rd), Zhan Qian Pier (a nice scenic view goes onto the sea), temples, many carefours, shopping places really cheap. Mount Loashan is great for climbers it has also plenty to offer to tourists. Hotels often take one day tours to those places, I didn't wanted to try as it was cold enough for me to hike.
4 main markets deserves visit

1) Zhongshan Rd. Commercial Street is nearby the Zhan Qian Pier.There are many clothing shops, cinema, KFC,etc.
2) The Jimolu Market (10min cab Zhongshan Rd) has many outlets of selling all the small things, like decoratives, soft toys, watches, and sooooo many other things, and of course they sell clothes too.
3) Jusco Shopping Center (Near Shangrila hotel & May4 square), this is like shopping centers in the west, expensive but branded. This place is great to go around 1km road is worth to walk for any traveller.
4) Speaking of buying DVDs, or CDs and books, there is a good place to go, and that's the Cultural Market (Wen Hua Shi Chang). It's a kinda block of outlets that sell all sorts of diff DVDs, CDs. But you can buy them at big shopping places or book stores too.

Unfortunately I saw most of the markets closed as it was New Year, even a few resturants were open and u never know when some makets will be open or closed depends upon the shop owners choice.

Stay -
I stayed in stars ranging from 5 to 3. I think 4 was the best. I stayed in Huiquan Dynasty (5star) (398RMB hillview room or $48), Dongfang (4star) (298RMB seaview $35) and one near by Airport (3star)(248RMB). Well all these were not that great compared with west but I would say considering the price it was quite resonable. I recommend staying especially in Dongfang seaview as there is very beautiful scenic view of Zhan Qian Pier and the sea, it's fabulous during the day and the night. Last but not the least stay around the new town (bathing beaches) area as you will have scenic view and is easy to get around places.

The Food -
Well one should try out Chinese Food too on the travel not stick to KFC and Macdonals even though u can find plenty of them there. I had dumplings (stuffed pork steamed), Chicken noodles soup it was tasty, mutton kebab's, Chinese Tea (nice aromatic flavor) and plenty others it was worthwhile i especially cherished the herbs used in soup.

In nutshell a nice place to vist with scenic view of sea as well as some old german architecture and contemporaty monuments, piers, islands. The people who don't like cold outings beaware and stay at home. The one's who are shopping freaks don't visit in Holiday season's. For a gogetter it's always a new experience. I had a reason to vist as i was visting my gf. I took many pictures but there is no option for uploading it here in this forum. So i uploaded some pictures here check out this link http://www.redrival.com/mysite/Qingdao.html

enjoy !
Happy Travelling !

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May 23, 2006 22:42 Reply

BEEZ10 said:

When you said the hotels you stayed in are not as good compared to the West, are you pertaining to Europe or US or western china? If you're talking about hotels in US and Europe then i have to say that ive stayed in some hotels in that area during my travels and the 3 and 4 star hotel ive stayed in are not the best ones either, they're old, dilapilated with some stains in the bathroom. If we'll consider the price i would say some hotels in asia are more superb. I just wish people would stop saying things from the west are better bec. its not the case anymore. Nice review by the way. :-)

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