Chongqing Travel Reviews

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May 31, 2005 01:05

Travel Tips:
Entry to Martyr's Park and Ciqikou: Free
Taxi to Shapingba from central train station: around 40 yuan or 30 by moto
CHONGQING's weather is hot soup in midsummer, and is best visited in the spring

Every good traveller knows instinctively that the most rewarding destinations ... Details

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May 19, 2005 14:05


I remembered. In Chongqing' grottos.

I hadda get into it, finally. It took the second grotto. Tourists here like to say, you've seen one Pagoda? You've seen'em all! The same, about old palaces, and the tombs, and of course, the Grottos.

That's cuz ... Details

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Apr 27, 2005 14:04

As the hottest city in China, Chongqing really has the reputation for it....People all call this city an oven, not only because the weather, but also food, people, atmosphere, and or course one of the most important factors, hot girls...

I'm not Chongqing local, but since I'm from Sichuang province ... Details

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Apr 21, 2004 10:04

I have been to Chongqing several times, taken by my father. We were just busy with our business affairs each time. No time to visit it at all. So each time when I left Chongqing at the railway station, there was a deep pity in my heart. In my eyes, Chongqing is the ideal place where I really want to ... Details

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Apr 1, 2004 13:04

My husband and I completed a Chonquing to Wuhan cruise aboard the East Queen. It was an exciting trip. Teddy Garcia is the head man and his efforts to make our trip comfortable and provide any services for us that we might need went beyond what we expected. If you went topside during any of the sailing, ... Details

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