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Liberation Monument
JABAROOTOO | Jun 27, 2007 09:40

YZ 01 Walking Tour of the Walled City

Liberation Monument, the centerpiece of Liberation Square in Jiefengbei, was originally built by the Guo Min Government during the war. In those days it resembled a gun turret with a flagpole on top and stood almost three stories tall.

After the war it was remodeled to celebrate China’s victory against the Japanese in World War Two and later named Liberation Monument. The octagonal tower with four clock faces has internal stairs, stands 27.5 meters high and today is dwarfed by the buildings surrounding it on all sides.

JABAROOTOO | Jun 27, 2007 09:42

YZ 02 Walking Tour of the Walled City

Just a short distance from the Liberation Monument are two small but active Temples. To the east is the Ar Hat or Luo Han Temple, just opposite the Carrefour. The other small Temple has been well hidden away on Zhong Hua Lu near the corner of Min Quan Lu.

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