Harbin Travel Reviews

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Jan 14, 2006 02:01

How difficult is to imagine a feeling that you have never experienced before…yes, maybe some friends had explained you something about the cold in their countries, and you have read many times that in such north places of China is freezing cold, something around -20 and -30ºC to be exact ... Details

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Jan 11, 2006 06:01

Harbin had fascinated me since I'd first read of it whilst preparing for my voyage to China; a small city in the extreme northern regions of Manchuria with a history smudged across several occupying cultures, all precariously shouldering each other for the last century. It is a Manchu township made ... Details

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Sep 2, 2005 12:09

I used to be a café latte guy – sitting in a fancy café cradling a warm bowl of milky thick coffee on chilly days, believing I was immersed in the bosom of high culture, European style. Those winter days in Beijing when even the sky itself was freezing over indecisively, there I would ... Details

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Jan 21, 2005 08:01

I wanted to explore the skiing experience in China and recently in December 2004 took my family for an adventure to Yabuli in Heilongjiang touted as China's best ski resort .We stayed for 6 days at the Windmill Resort ( the best accommodation there) which was an adequate 3 star (international standard) ... Details

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