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Leshan Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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2 Entrances for the Big Buddha...
By LEMONCACTUS | 12/11/2005 4:31:56 AM

OK. July 2005. I took a bus from Chengdu to Leshan and when it pulled into the Leshan bus station there was a bus already waiting. 1RMB which everyone (including me) took to go to the Big Buddha (Da Fu).

When the bus got there, it passed what I spotted as the 'main' entrance and carried on. It dropped us off next to a second entrance maybe 10 minutes further on.

At this entrance you must pay 105RMB to see Buddha (including various other attractions). Yet, on the price board there is clearly an option just to see Buddha and nothing else for 70RMB. Enquiring, I was told I could only buy the 105RMB ticket here. The 70RMB ticket is only available from the 'main' entrance.

I caught a 10RMB rickshaw back to the main entrance and got my 70RMB ticket from there. This gave entrance to the grounds and Buddha.

Well worth it, he's amazing!!

An annoying little scam though. Don't know how you can avoid it though unless you book a tour as the Leshan bus station are obviously 'in' on it.

Leshan Giant Buddha
By EASTEFEN | 6/22/2004 11:21:17 AM

The city of Leshan is about 1+ hours from Chengdu. I took the local bus & it was really crowded. There was no fixed schedule as well. As soon as it's full, it leaves. But, there are many buses, about 10-15 mins interval.

The Grand Buddha is quite a sight though you've to tag along huge crowds to get to see it. In my opinion, it's still worth the hassle. Afterall, it's the largest stone Buddha in the world carved over a period of 90 years (731-803AD).

Total Height = 71 m.
Head = 14.7 m.
Shoulder = 28 m.

Emeishan and Mt Emei
By JOANNEL | 6/19/2004 7:30:49 PM

The city of Emeishan is emerging and reminds me of Daylesford in Victoria, Australia because it is set in a beautiful hilly setting with hot springs and good food places to eat. A world class convention centre and resort is being establshed there where environmental forums will be held in the future, once it is completed. Stage one is already ready to receive visitors, but the resort is expensive.
Mt Emei is the world heritage listed mountain range with incredible views and full of Chinese history, in particular Buddhist history. Many beautiful temples to see and a world class interpretative centre at base of mountain. The flora, fauna and geology of the area is extrodinary.(including panda and monkeys). Many plant species endemic to the Emei range only. Guided walking tours are also possible.
For a day tour, taxi or bus to foot of mountain then mini bus up to near top, where a scenic chairlift operates to very top. Can be quite cool at over 3000m altitude, so take warm clohtes, although warm coat can be hired. Also good cheap eateries on way up. Try and choos a clear day for best views. We came across a group of visiting Chinese soldiers and their families on the bus who asked us how we liked China, where we came from and then asked us to sing a song!! 'Kookaburra sits on the old Gum Tree' was the best I could do- but worth having a little repetoire up your sleeve, because music is a significant differnece between many cultures, and helps celebrate our differences. The same group of soldiers and their families returned the favour and also then sung us a Chinese soldiers song. Lots of clapping, laughs and warmth that day on the bus!

Leshan - Sichuan Province
By JOANNEL | 6/19/2004 7:11:51 PM

Grand Buddha and surrounding temples, pagodas, caves,gardens and views across the three rivers-magnificent on a clear day. See the Buddha from land or take a ferry ride to view from the river.Good interpretative centre to explore on site too. Catch a taxi from Leshan.Allow a good half a day if you enjoy exploring and soaking n wonderful history.
Leshan has many great restaurants, coffe shops and some good places for full body massage for relaxation.
The public art is also of note and many of the riverfront areas have been made public and landscaped and this work is continuing. The streets are very clean, as is the public transport and most public spaces. People very friendly to westerners too. There is also a good blend of western style shopping as well as Chinese style. Popular buy for taking home to Austrlaia are the Chinese style tea cups with their own 'lids' that keep drinks warm and small metal bookmarks with Chinese flowers, animals,historical and cultural figures. Also great tea rooms and many choices of teas. And Leshan is only half hour tax ride to Mt Emei-world heritage listed Mountain range.

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