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Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Warning about using FinnAir airline
By DAVIDWIECHMAN | 5/28/2014 5:57:57 PM

Warning about using FinnAir airline. Customer service is terrible. FinnAir never responds to my complaint that I paid for two tickets (over $2,000) to Moscow and never received the tickets. When I talk to FinnAir, they say they cancelled the tickets and since the tickets are nonrefundable, they won't give me the tickets, any refund or any credit on another ticket. They are just keeping my money and leaving me with NOTHING.

Travelling China without speaking Maindrain
By CHAUTINHTRIBMW | 8/6/2013 8:12:33 AM

After many trips to China, my experience to "survive" is to prepare as below:
1. Take photo of some kind of food in your phone (pizza, hotdog, vegetable...) for showing to waiter/waitress in the restaurant.
2. Think of popular sentences OR questions and using Google Translation, then print them out. For example: I need hot water OR Pls not much cooking oil OR where is the toilet?.......It would be great tool to be survive in China.
3. Join Couchsurfing and get more friends OR host in China, it will help you a lot
I will survive
Tran Hai Anh (Chan)

Plan visits to China
By GUNNARF11 | 4/21/2013 3:24:17 AM

Plan visits to China. What do you of this trip? How many days will you stay? When you can answer these questions ... Double the time you intended and your stay in China will be successful and you will look forward to several upcoming trips in China.
I received an email from acquaintance who said I should explain what I mean by planning for some time and then doubling the length of stay.
It thus reduces stress. My first visit to China, I thought would be a week. It was 15 days. Next stay in China was estimated at 3-4 weeks. It was 65 days. Then supposed stay 1-2 months and it was 2 years.

A Must Befor Travel!
By RAULROMA | 8/22/2012 12:17:16 AM

The number one rule when it comes to cheap travel is to do some homework and plan ahead. The biggest costs of traveling will be transport and accommodation, and it follows that this is also where the biggest savings can be made.

Booking in advance with budget airlines can save huge amounts, as can checking dates (and times) around your preferred time of travel to find the cheapest; airlines adjust prices due to demand and flexible schedules can be a great way to find a great deal.

Accommodation prices are also often subject to variation; particularly considering where you book. Hostel bookers allows travelers to compare hostel prices quickly and find the best value options for cheap travel. Moreover, there's no additional booking fee charged on the price of a bed!

Hostels and cheap hotels can change their prices at any time so it can pay to book early, especially during the peak season. Conversely, prices can drop at the last minute, but usually only out of season.

However, there's more to cheap travel than booking and research from home! Once on foreign soil, the best bet is to find some local secrets, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. Don't be afraid to ask friendly locals, other travelers or the staff at your hostel for tips - your credit card will thank you for avoiding the tourist prices.

Sticking to a budget on your travels needn’t hamper your trip; in fact, it can be an advantage. Instead of staying around the spots geared towards tourism (and paying for the guidebook's 'top' attractions) can mean missing out on a real, authentic taste of the country or city where you're traveling. And stepping off the beaten track to find those low prices can be both exciting and rewarding!

Check First
By JJ_TIME | 7/26/2012 11:42:05 PM

When I first came to this town I wanted to see a lot of the attractions and famous places, and even though I am Chinese, I still made some silly mistakes that I am sure you all need to learn from.

I heard about the famous Peach areas just on the edge of town, and as such read up online and found there were some reasonable priced tours from Jiaxing. I started to call a few places and was lucky that their numbers were busy.

The next day I was at the train/bus station and found there is a local bus that goes there for only 2 or 3rmb. I decided it will be easier to go that way and then just pay admissions etc when I arrived. I certainly was silly as when we arrive we found it was sill a few weeks before the blossoms came out and there was no charge to walk around almost anywhere.

Next disaster was Xitang and I decided to go alone to check all the places before one day taking husband and daughter to see. I got off the bus and was mobed by the local bicycle taxi drivers/riders and as I did not know my way around from there, I accepted the offer of one driver to take me direct to a side enterance where he will pay the entry fee (and he said he gets special prices) and the fare was included.

A few weeks later I took husband and daughter and instead of getting bicycle taki we walked so we could see the local shops and people. when we arrived we found it was free to enter because of the day and time of day we arrived. I was so angry as that meant on my trip I was charged 60rmb when I could have walked there and entered for free.

Moral is:- Ask as many people as you can before you go to these type places as almost all places someone will try and make easy money from the unwary tourist, no matter if they are foreign or local.

distance travel
By ROSEHEMCHUYING | 10/3/2011 8:36:02 AM

I wish to know the distance travel from gongbei china to HongKong.

Any interesting nightlife in gongbei like nightclub, massage palour.

budget hotel

travelling from taipei to yiwu
By ARVIND192003 | 4/10/2011 11:15:31 AM

kindly help me to decide which could be the fastest way to get to yiwu from taipei by flight

The Cost of Flying
By ITSMESTELLA | 7/1/2010 10:03:59 AM

In the last couple of years, airlines have been coming up with newer and more interesting ways to get us, their customers, to pay more.

Checking Your Bags
About a year ago, US Airways introduced a two-level payment deal for checking your bags. If you don’t pay for your flight online, you have to pay an additional $5 when you get to the airport. The airlines call this a discount for online customers, but it is actually the opposite. All those people who didn’t think or know about paying online get charged the extra $5. And of course, as always happens in business, one company starts the ball rolling. Now United, Delta, Hawaiian and Continental all charge that extra $5.
The fees for your taking your belongings with you on the plane have gone up too, and even more for international flights. You might be paying up to $25 for your first suitcase if you’re flying closer to home but fly from the U.S. to Europe or to other overseas destinations and you could be paying anywhere up to$60 for the second bag you check.
Nowadays, there are only two airlines that allow you to check your suitcases for free; Jet Blue (but only the first bag) and Southwest (two bags). Nice to know that there are still a couple of airlines who will do things the old way...
It is a good idea to always check online for up-to-date airline fees. And while you’re looking into it, remember that the airlines find other services to charge us for. When you cancel or change your ticket, you get charged, and some of the airlines have a two-level system for this too. Three airlines that have such a twofold price structure for change fees are Alaska, Spirit, and Virgin America. The airlines make a lot of easy money because people so often change their plans.

Carry-on Bags
This year Spirit began to charge fees up to $45 for that bag you prefer to hold onto and not check. Only a small handbag that can be placed under the seat doesn’t get charged.
What does this mean? Like you, we are waiting to see if the other airlines will join the party. If they do, then carry-on charges might be the way of the future.

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