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Chongqing Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Xing Long Jie
By JABAROOTOO | 6/27/2007 9:49:40 AM

YZ 11 Walking Tour of the Walled City

Business is still brisk in this real city street

Xing Long Jie, ‘brisk business street’ just off Pipashan Zheng Jie is the beginning or the end of the Di San Bu Dao, depending on which way you choose to walk. It’s located above the tunnel and the northern approaches to the Chang Jiang Bridge, beside Shibanpo, an area that is lit with fairy lights at night. Some of this area has been dressed up with new facades but most is simply raw Chongqing at its colourful and fragrant best.

Business truly is brisk as shops overflow with goods into the streets - baskets of grains and pulses, wet and dry markets, and general kitchen and household goods – beside butchers plucking poultry. This area offers a great chance to explore the real city in almost every direction and following Xing Long Jie to the east will take you down to Tong Yuan Men on Zhong Shan Yi Lu.

Tong Yuan Men
By JABAROOTOO | 6/27/2007 9:50:25 AM

YZ 12 Walking Tour of the Walled City

By following Xing Long Jie back to the right as you emerge from the Di San Bu Dao you will arrive at Tong Yuan Men, arguable the most visible of the city gates on Zhong Shan Yi Lu. What remains of the city wall was rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty and today this is the most accessible of all the gates and still in relatively good condition.

A new teahouse and gallery keep watch on the wall today while life -size bronze soldiers scale it in a mock siege beneath a barrage of arrows from the archers on the wall. Across the street, hidden behind the modern façades are more alleys and pathways and stairs between the small old timber, bamboo and tiled houses with their cool dark interiors where everyday life spills into the street.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church and Others
By JABAROOTOO | 1/16/2010 11:00:57 AM

YZ 13 Walking Tour of the Walled City

Before completing the walking circuit visit St Joseph’s Catholic Church just off the street in Qi Xing Gang. This picturesque ivy clad, dark gray brick with its clock tower is easy to miss as it is now overshadowed and dwarfed by the apartment blocks surrounding it. Built prior to the war, and headquarters of the diocese, it is open to the public.

The Agape Church is on Min Quan Lu a short walk from the Liberation Monument and another can be found of Jie Feng Xi Lu near the elevator at Chu Qi Men.

Flight between Chongqing and Kuala Lumpur
By YINMEI | 5/17/2007 12:53:06 PM

Hi all,

The direct flight between Chongqing and Kuala Lumpur operate May 18th.

Kuala Lumpur(eah friday) departs at 21:00, arrives at 02:00 Chongqing.

Chongqing(each saturday) departs at 15:00, arrives at 20:00 Kuala Lumpur.

By JABAROOTOO | 2/12/2007 6:36:50 AM


A Coffee Shop, bakery and Western style restaurant with a great atmosphere, music and menu including pizza and an all you can eat salad bar on the menu in most locations.

Attractions: Best cheese cake and coffee


LIANG LU KOU (Original location) On Zhongshan San Lu between the Hilton Hotel and the Airport Shuttle bus depot, same side of street.

JIE FANG BEI @ Lin Jiang Men just down the street from the Maze

Long Hu West Garden on Long Hu Xi Lu

Huang Ni Bang near the new Holiday Inn

and the most recent addition to the chain
Yang Guang Cheng @ the end of the pedestrian overpass opposite the Golden Resources Hotel

Flight from Chongqing to Bangkok
By YINMEI | 12/7/2006 9:33:32 AM

Hi all,

The direct flight from Chongqing to Bangkok will be operated in Dec23th.

CA4085(every Saturday)

CA4086(every Sunday)

Hong Ya Dong by Night
By JABAROOTOO | 12/18/2011 6:04:09 AM

YZ 03 Walking Tour of the Walled City

Red Cliff Cave
The latest attraction in Chongqing

Recently constructed using the style of traditional local buildings, this comprehensive entertainment complex has something for everyone. Spread over 13 levels it flows down the steep southern bank of the Jialing Jiang just beneath the Cable Car and is serviced by both elevators and escalators with parking in the basement and access from both the top and bottom levels. It now offers hotel accommodation, a Folk Culture Theatre, restaurants, cafes, bars and a night bazaar, art galleries, crafts and local food. Watch artist and silk weavers at work in their studios.
In the evenings it is quite a sight with its soft fairy lights ablaze above the waters of the river. Not to be missed especially if you’re interested in shopping but are limited for time.

Home to a Starbucks, Subway and Nenlu Teahouse

The Jialing Jiang Cable Car is across the street. This is no longer in service, soon to be replaced by a new bridge that will also carry a light rail line, one of the many that are planned to transform public transport in the city.

New express train
By YINMEI | 6/26/2006 9:04:30 AM

T222/3Depatures Chongqing 19:20pm arrives Lhasa 18:28pm(third day)
T224/1Deaptures Lhasa 09:05am arrives Chongqing 09:55am(third day)
The hard sits is RMB355
The hard sleeper is RMB754
The soft sleeper is RMB1168

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