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Henan Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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By KHAYAT | 11/9/2010 7:50:34 AM

Dear Sir,
I bought 2 HTC Handset and I pay 482 USD with delivery
And till moment didn't receive any of it

Kindly find the company details,
This is our company detail Western Union information :
First name: Yuansong
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A must see
By JOKERMAN2007 | 5/20/2009 12:04:47 AM

Kai Feng is a nice city with many attractions there and great shopping buys, as well as the food there for sale, in the evening, is second to none.
I have been living in Kai Feng for about a year now but I am still discovering this city. I recently found a small coffee shop there, where you can actually sit down and enjoy a cup. Also, you can buy roasted coffee beans, and coffee machines, to enjoy at home and you know what?, I don't have to go to Mac Donald 's as much. lol.

Budget accommodation in Zhengzhou, Henan
By APAULT | 6/4/2007 9:10:02 AM

There appears to be plenty of better type accommodation around the railway station and associated bus station (which is not the Central Bus station which is a km or so to the north). But it is not easy to know which way to go for budget accom...which to me means 100rmb or less.

DO NOT be tempted by the touts offering a 31rmb room, it is a disgusting place.

Turn right (south) from the station and follow the road out of the square.... there are few places to choose from on the uses the same stairway as a Net bar. I stayed in the Zhong Mei Hotel opposite (and not before!) the large Yinji Commercial and Trading building. It only has rooms without bathroom, for 45 rmb single, but it is probably the cleanest place I have been in. There is a hotel at the far end of this street too. The 2 net bars here are the best I have even been in. There are also two good cheap eating places by second net bar.

A bit more expensive: as you exit the station go around the block opposite, which hides the bus station, and you will find the Datong Hotel, advertsed rate 100rmb... I don't know what it is like.

But there doesn't seem a lot to come here for !!

Be careful in travelling in long-distance bus in Dengfeng
By LITTLETREE | 3/16/2006 1:28:32 AM

It is somewhat not safe to travel in Xuluo (Xuchang--Luoyang)Express Way. Thieves are really rampant in the bus. Generally there are two groups in this way, one is from Baisha to Dengfeng and the other is from Dengfeng to Luoyang. They do not steal those clear-headed. They prefer those asleep. Please note that the driver will not remind you of any thief even they know who is thief. They will generally tell all the clients not to sleep or loud the speaker.

Bai Ji Mo---White Cake with meat!
By CALIFORNIA | 3/1/2006 9:01:01 AM

In Kaifeng,there was a food named Bai Ji Mo,about 1RMB,very delicious!You can find it everywhere in the city!

Luo Yang Shui Xi:-)
By CALIFORNIA | 2/28/2006 9:12:13 AM

Luo Yang was famous for Longmen Cave,and it is as the capital for a long time.The famous food was called Shui Xi.One Shui Xi including four kinds of dishes at least!And most of the dish has spoon.They will service for you one by one!It means that they will service the second dish after you finished the frist one,Haha!I can't wait!!!

Kai Feng Di Yi Lou:-)
By CALIFORNIA | 2/28/2006 9:07:33 AM

Kaifeng is an old city in China,and it as six dynasties' captial!The most famous food of the city was Guan Tang Bao,and the best place for taste it is Kaifeng Di Yi Lou!Near the drum tower food street!
You can also taste many kinds of local food in the street!

The reasonable routes!
By CALIFORNIA | 4/19/2006 8:53:12 PM

If you go to Henan from Beijing,and the route can be arranged:Beijing---Zhengzhou---Kaifeng---Dengfeng---Luoyang---BeiJing.You don't need walk repeat.
Don't speak to anybody in Zhengzhou railway station,and leave the station as soon as possible.
Kaifeng is a Song Dynasty city,and the native were guileless.
From Kaifeng to Dengfeng,you have to change bus in Zhengzhou,but it is very very easy!
Dengfeng:Shaolin Temple,I advise that you can climb the Shaoshi mountain and walk to the Temple,about 4 hours,don't go there by bus!The second day in Dengfeng,you can visit Songyang College and Taishi mountain(too terrible,about 5300 steps,like go ot the upstairs,if you have no enough physical force,don't climb it).
Luoyang:I think only Longmen Cave was worthy to visit,the city is not as my image,disappointed!

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