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  • A trip to Song mountain
    DONNY | Jul 1, 2012 05:23

          This is the first time I travelled alone I had been planning for that for a long time.Then in the August of 2011 I set out alone with only a bag with me.It was kind of excited along with some anxiety.

          The first place I visited was Song Mountain who is very famous for Shaolin Temple.The scene there is very beautiful though it was rainny the day I visited there . In my first sight of the mountain I ...

  • My Luoyang Trip
    MILES | Feb 6, 2010 06:55
  • <A> Qingming Shanghe Yuan
    LEIRY | Dec 19, 2007 19:58
  • A Travel to Shaolin Temple
    LEIRY | Dec 19, 2007 19:18
  • The Rocks that Inspired Poets and an Empress
    STOCKTOV | Oct 4, 2007 08:11
KHAYAT | Nov 9, 2010 07:50

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The reasonable routes!
CALIFORNIA | Apr 19, 2006 20:53

If you go to Henan from Beijing,and the route can be arranged:Beijing---Zhengzhou---Kaifeng---Dengfeng---Luoyang---BeiJing.You don't need walk repeat.
Don't speak to anybody in Zhengzhou railway station,and leave the station as soon as possible.
Kaifeng is a Song Dynasty city,and the native were guileless.
From Kaifeng to Dengfeng,you have to change bus in Zhengzhou,but it is very very easy!
Dengfeng:Shaolin Temple,I advise that you can climb the Shaoshi mountain and walk to the Temple,about 4 hours,don't go there by bus!The second day in Dengfeng,you can visit Songyang College and Taishi mountain(too terrible,about 5300 steps,like go ot the upstairs,if you have no enough physical force,don't climb it).
Luoyang:I think only Longmen Cave was worthy to visit,the city is not as my image,disappointed!