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Hunan Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Zhangjiajie landscape from avatar
By HOBEN01 | 8/26/2013 6:12:44 PM

If you are a fan of the movie avatar and would like to visit the landscape that may have inspired the movie its here. To explore all the park you will need two days no serious hiking gear is needed, but there are some serious stair climbing steps.

To every friends who wish to travel zhangjiajie now !
By TINAWEN | 1/17/2010 6:04:44 AM

To everyone will plan to travel in Zhang jia jie :
1:These days are sunny and cool with temperature arrange from 3 to 18 degree centigrade , some times foggy .
2: The total fee of the park is 248rmb ,From Jan.1st to Mar. 31th, all the students below 24 years old just pay 65rmb bus fee to visit
the world nature heritage sightseeing which includes tour routes such as : Zhangjiajie National forest park (Huangshi village mountain , Golden whip steam )and Tianzi mountain and Yuanjiajie Mountain and Tenli nature gallery .Old man can be free admission with 70 years old . All needs ID card.
3.All the cable car facilities are being checked now .
Tianzishan mountain cable from Jan.27 to Feb.5th ,but you still have 2 choices up by lift or hiking 2.5 hours from Tenli gallery .
Huangshi village mountain cable repaired until May 1st,and you
have only to hike 2 hours to the top .
Tianmen mountain Cable from Jan. 4th to Feb.3rd .and you can travel by bus up and visit one top sightseeing of that park .
4.Some standard or economic hotel will control the heater or aircondition ,so you need pay exra such as 20-50rmb if you need .
5.Some English tour guides are back hometome now and you need pls call me because my family is here or you prepare more our useful sentences in case.
6.Park is too big to travel .but also can enjoy it as you are a
map professor and you really good at it !
7.thanks to the workers of this website , i enjoy it and i love
to help everyone who are planning to my amazing hometown.
welcome you , my new friend !!!

My trip to fenghuang
By SALSAFONDER | 10/13/2009 12:49:07 AM

I took train from chengdu fenghua on 2rd of Octorber. It was near to evening when i arrived at fenghuang. Everything is so exciting to me. I found a hotel and settled down very quickly.

After a rest, i went out for looking the night scenery. At that momnent, so many turists were walking in the street of this old city. Local people already started to do their business. Food stalls along the street, a lot of barbecue served here. Resturants also have a good business. Most of them were full. Poeple enjoyed the nice food happily. After eating tasty food, i came to a bridge. Its name is hongqiao. Hong bridge is the center of fenghuang old city. Its architectural sytle is unique. I came ove the hongqiao and came to another side of fenghuang. There are lot of people selling things to turists. i continued to move and found some bars built along the tuo jiang. Tuojiang is a lake running through this old city. People set up their own houses generation after generation.

In general, fenghuang is full of exotic.

The Orange Island
By CATHERINE | 4/8/2005 5:08:13 PM

The Orange Island should be the most famous attraction in Changsha because of chairman Mao's famous poet. In fact, it is really an excellent place for sightseeing. Sitting in the pavillion on the island, feeling the gentle breeze from the Xiangjiang River, looking into the distance of the Yuelu mountain, especially when all the maple leaves all redden in Autumn. That will be a lifelong memory for you if you have experienced it by yourself.

The No.1 Xiangjiang Bridge built across
the island. Transportation to the Orange Island is rather convenient.

Universities in Changsha
By CATHERINE | 3/31/2005 10:53:34 AM

In my opinion, there are three universities in Changsha that worth mentioning, namely Hunan University, Hunan Normal University and Central South University. They are all key universities of the whole country and among the 100 universities of the National Ministry of Education.

These three universities are all located along the Xiangjiang River, at the foot of Yuelu Mountain with picturesque scenery and dense academical atmosphere.

Climate of Changsha
By CATHERINE | 3/30/2005 9:48:52 AM

Through being a southern city in China, climate of Changsha is somewhat unbearable.

The weather in summer can be extremely hot with the highest temperature of 40 centigrade. There are three stoves in China (namely Wuhan, Chongqing and Nanjing),but Changsha has long been called the fourth one.

While winter there is just like a nightmare. Piercing wind, humid frozen temperature,the worst thing is that there are no heating system in Changsha.

Grand Sun City Hotel
By KIMPENG | 2/26/2005 1:49:54 AM

Excellent 5-Star Hotel with outstanding customer care. Many on staff speak English and are happy to share information about the local area. Hotel is located on busy Furong Rd., but is not centrally located in the downtown area. The western and Chinese restaurants are well managed and serve a wide variety of dishes. Many adoptive families stay at the Grand Sun City.

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