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Shanghai Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Shopping time !
By ZHUO | 10/30/2010 9:42:39 AM

When you come to China .You must buy some local items .So many local interesting crafts .They the most zmazing items I ever seen .But I don't have enough money .,Or I would have bought all of them !

Top 5 articles you must take in Shanghai expo!
By SEESEE | 7/15/2010 11:06:24 PM

1、 Identity card
Not only Shanghai expo, but also take flight or get an accommodation, you will need your identity card. So bring it with you is very important once you travel.

2、 Flat shoes
As you know, the shanghai expo park is very big and there are 154 pavilions. If you want to see more pavilions, means you have to go a long way. At that moment, a flat shoe is useful.

3、 Umbrella
If you go to shanghai expo in July or August, I think you `d better carry an umbrella. As there will be always raining in shanghai,you can keep out the sunshine if there's no rain,it's also a good idea.

4、 Travel app
When you go to the shanghai expo, you will find a lot of free paper map for you everywhere. If you think it is Troublesome to keep a paper map.You can download a shanghai travel app in your phone, I use one called ”xTown Shanghai” for iphone. It contains not only the shanghai expo information, but also shanghai top 10 attraction, traffic, nightlife and so on.

5、Small bench
Before you go to shanghai, you`d better keep one's powder dry you will be queued for a long time, especially when you visit the popular pavilions. So carry a small bench is quite useful.

Your $$
By SHLIM | 8/22/2009 8:17:03 AM

Yup don't be trick into having coffee. This will cost you a bomb. I was conned into 4500RMB. what a bad luck.

silk carpets
By EASTCARPET | 7/24/2009 1:49:17 AM

Handmade Carpet: Invaluable Treasure

Compared with machine-made carpet, handmade carpet plays a special role in the carpet industry. For taking long weaving time and hand-knotting completely, handmade carpet is not so mass-produced as the machine-made. Each of handmade carpet takes up many months or years laborious works. It costs higher but lasts much longer.

With the sincere feeling and smart heart, the artisans create the original crafts by traditional skills, using the simple or complex designs to express the belief and significance of life, and weaving the everlasting beauty and eternal memory with those continuously knotting. The gorgeous design, rich color, vivid picture and fine workmanship endue those rugs a sense of affections and permanence of art.

Practice makes perfect. Only those artisans disciplined and experienced can create the long-lasting charm of arts. Each rug has its own word, concentrating the dream of designer, the toil of weaver and the wish of possessor. As no two leaves are exactly the same in the world, no two handmade carpets in the world are identical. They are all unique and exclusive. In the long life, those handicrafts, with their special language and strong body, will present their lovers contemplation of life, appreciation of arts, interaction of spirit, and certification of quality.

It is the thing of values. Fine handmade carpet can mentally interchange minds with people. He needs not any more word but lies there quietly, listening and recording what his master says and thinks. As time goes on, he becomes a loyal old servant. It reminds us that people in limited life could create and hold unlimited values.

The essence of art is to serve the life. Each kind of art expresses material and spiritual wants of human. As one type of art, Oriental carpet presents a kind of elaboration which is not easy to duplicate. This kind of elaboration becomes more and more treasurable for its rareness.

Nobility comes from rareness. As unusual handicrafts, handmade carpets represent the wealth, taste and status of possessor. In the mechanization society of 21 century, this symbolism is more important than its usage. The rich culture and unfading beauty lying in the handmade carpets make them the treasures of many collectors, palaces, architects, galleries and museums in the world.

by Angela Zhan

By PJCOHEN | 1/24/2009 4:22:01 PM

My wife and I are hoping to spend five nights at this hotel at the end of March this year (2009) We notice on photos the bellboys wear kilts (skirts) with a Scottish tartan. We are from Scotland and wonder what the connection is? Would be really interested if someone could help.

The freshest shopping experience in Shanghai
By LITTLEXU | 12/19/2007 9:49:17 PM

Despite what others say shopping can soon get tired in shanghai, western malls and local fake makets are nothing new after a while. For the freshest experience in the city Vervia in the Tai kang Lu art district is a much needed breadth of fresh air. The unique design products, inspired by ancient cultures from around the world but tailored for modern China reminded me why i came to the city in the first place. To find a secret little wonder, different to anything else and hidden down its own historic alleyway.

Shanghai Era
By MORRIS | 12/1/2007 7:57:31 PM

If you are looking for a Chinese acrobatic show, you must see Era which is being performed at Shanghai Circus World. It was awesome! Full of stunts and it is amazingly creative with excellent priced tickets. Their website is Their location is easy to get to. It has its own stop off the red line subway!

Great new late night jazz/blues club
By LHARRITON | 9/23/2007 3:49:46 PM

Check out The Blues Room. It's a new all night (at least till 4:00 AM) venue at 146 Tongren Lu, right off Nanjing West. Really hot band and very friendly. We are a couple of American music nuts-- were walking by around 11:00pm and were attracted by the great blues sounds emanating. We stayed all night. The best part was when all the other clubs in town closed, their musicians come over and it turned into an amazing jazz jam till deep morning. We went back, and apparently this happens every night. It opened recently-- downstairs from the 24-hour restaurant City Diner. Fun scene, especially if you love great music--and the food we ate (Southern BarBQ style) was very good.

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