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Shanghai Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Catch the thugs with account number POS 5326760102269177 HE YI MAO YI DEB.
By SANJAYSARMA213 | 7/19/2012 1:21:30 PM

Shanghai is full of Mafia. Pimps stay in front of all big hotels/East nanjing road/ peoples square/West Nanjing road. Asking you if you need a massage and want to relax with beautiful Chinese girls. If you fall in this trap you are a bait to the mafia. They will scare you and take all your money. The girls will ask if you have a debit card pretending they want to check the color of your card, bla bla. The mafia shall scare you soo much that you will need to pay to them from the from your debit / credit card. Me and a friend had to pay around 3000usd to get out of the mess. All the Copy watch/Bag sellers are also pimps of the mafia.
Otherwise if you dont mess around with bad intentions like us, you are safe. General Chinese people are very good and helpful. But I wonder why the government dont take any actions against the mafia. If women trade is illigal why the pimps are allowed to move around openly in the streets?? I believe the country earns enough from exports. They dont have to live on any girls earning like Thailand. I cant give you my real name but I can give you the account number of the mafia from where my card got debited 3000us. Account no of the mafia are:- POS 5326760102269177 HE YI MAO YI DEB.
If I can save any one tourist from falling into the mafia trap I will be glad. Safe journey safe trip

Buying trip in Shanghai for chinese antique furniture
By NORBERT888 | 11/27/2011 8:50:14 PM

Buying trip in Shanghai for chinese antique furniture

After about a 45 minute taxi ride, our first furniture vendor, Royal (the English name he has taken), greeted us at an intersection in his part of the metropolis and then drove us in his van to his furniture warehouse. His warehouse offered us rows and rows of stacked furniture to choose from. Not being air conditioned, the place was hot, humid, dimly lit and dusty; ah, warehouse shopping in Shanghai. Hand-selecting our furniture is very important to us and we think to our customers. This process allows us to inspect each piece by seeing and touching, looking inside drawers, testing finishes, accessing the craftsmanship and to ask questions from the suppliers. We have rejected many pieces because they did not meet with our standards.

We felt comfortable with Royal's knowledge of the furniture and the furniture business. Royal's true passion is designing furniture with a new interpretation of Chinese style. We learned that he personally collects furniture, from around China, and restores and/or repairs the piece as needed in his warehouse. Over the centuries, much of the antique stock of furniture, in China, has been damaged due to neglect and the conditions in which they have been housed. We hand-selected about 45 pieces of furniture from his collection.

Shanghai to Yiwu by Train
By ECOINWAY | 11/2/2011 9:38:22 AM

Shanghai to Yiwu by Train:
I highly suggest: take a Shanghai to Yiwu fast train come to Yiwu without stopping at Shanghai, IF you arrive in Pudong airport between 03:30 to 20:00(GMT+08:00). Otherwise, you'll need to stay in Shanghai for one night before coming to Yiwu.

On Shanghai to Yiwu train schedule (will update very soon), you can find that trains from Shanghai to Yiwu actually start from two different stations - Shanghai Hongqiao train station and Shanghai South train station. All Shanghai to Yiwu bullet trains start from Shanghai Hongqiao train station. The rest start from Shanghai South train station.

#1 From Pudong airport to Yiwu:

Bullet trains are much faster. It takes about 2 - 2.5 hrs. Below is the time table for bullet trains start from Shanghai Hongqiao train station to Yiwu:
D291 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 06:40(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 08:43(GMT+08:00), Duration: 2hrs 3mins
D5651 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 07:08(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 9:37(GMT+08:00), Duration: 2hrs 29mins
D5689 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 07:45(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 9:58(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 13mins
D97 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 10:53(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 12:59(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 06mins
D5663 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 14:06(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 16:12(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 6mins
D93 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 14:11(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 16:19(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 8mins
D105 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 15:26(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 17:35(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 9mins
D5653 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 15:32(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 17:55(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 23mins
D201 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 17:15(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 19:19(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 4mins
D203 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 19:22(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 21:22(GMT+08:00),Duration: 2hrs 0mins
D217 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 22:30(GMT+08:00), arrives Yiwu at 00:28(GMT+08:00),Duration: 1hrs 58mins
* If you're arriving in from 06:00 to 21:00 (GMT+08:00), going to Shanghai Hongqiao train station from Pudong airport is actually pretty easy. You just need to take metro line 2.

Line 2(Pudong International Airport to East Xujing),60km in length, including 31 stations, is a west-east directional metro line connecting two sides of HuangPu River, and crossing the downtown area.

The total journey lasts about 80 mins. You'll need to transfer from a shorter train to a longer train at Guanglan Road metro station.

See colour green in below map:
Metro Line 2 (green) from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Train Station
If you don't like metro, you can take airport bus line 1. This bus can also take you to Hongqiao train station from Pudong airport within 80 mins.

How to bargain in fake markets in Shanghai
By ZHANGLEI0625 | 9/5/2011 12:47:27 PM

Most foreginers came to Shanghai ,at the end of their trip,they d' like to shopping somehow. There are too biggest and most famous fake markets in Shanghai, one is located at No. 580 in the west of Nanjing Road named Hancity Fashion & Accessories Plaza. ,another one is located in the underground of the Science & Technology Museum.

renting accomodation
By MRNICEY1966 | 7/22/2011 2:04:18 AM

i live in the u.k. with my chinese wife , we had planned a holiday and shanghai would be our base , it would be somewhere to leave our heavier luggage while travelling onto other destinations , so i started looking on the internet for an apartment and i finally stumbled on one that was advertised on the move and stay website , the apartment building was called Shanghai Metro Garden Serviced apartments and the address given was no,1 lane 78 ,Gonghexin road , Shanghai , i paid Move and Stay $180 deposit and my booking was confirmed at that apartment name and address , the balance would be paid in full in yuan/RMB on arrival at the apartment about 7000yuan + 2000yuan deposit .
we arrived in shanghai on 28th june at about 9am and after 12 hours flying we were quite tired and wanted to get to our apartment , i had originally planned to get my currency from the bank at the airport but the exchange rate was to low so we got a taxi to a city bank of china and got a much better rate there, we got the money and made our way to the apartment , we had been sent the address of the apartment by the agent in shanghai -Olivia Han , she is chinese but speaks good english .
we were taken to an apartment building that i can only describe as a dump , it was dirty looking , shabbly , there were people loittering outside , the area outside looked unsafe and i had noticed a massage parlour down the road .
this was definately not the apartment that i had pre-booked , there was no name on the apartment building and it looked totally different from the photos that had been advertised on the Move and Stay website .
i refused to even enter the building , my wife contacted the agent -olivia han , she was adamant that i had booked that apartment but i was in no mood to be conned .
we walked away from that apartment and stayed in hotel rooms which actually turned out to be a lot better .
so my advice is not to pre-book any apartment in advance , you can pre-book a hotel room for a couple of nights and arrange the rest of your accomodation while in shanghai itself , there will always be accomodation available

shanghai travel tips
By MRNICEY1966 | 7/22/2011 1:33:50 AM

i am not aware of all the tourist traps in shanghai , only the ones that myself and my chinese wife encountered .
i would discourage people from joining tours , in my opinion they are rip-offs , you pay to visit a certain area but half the day is spent visiting expensive shops such as jewellers, tea shops , silk shops and the budhist temple .
we took one tour in shanghai to visit a famous water village , we hada tour guide and a comfortable air conditioned coach , our first stop was a budhist temple ( address not known ) my wife is not a budhist but respects the religion as i do and will pray and give small donations and will normally advise me not to give too much .
but on this occassion my wife was sucked into a scam and i must admit that at first , i was too .
there were two monks who were reading prayer cards that each person could pick 3 off and the monks would give their opinions on certain subjects , so we queued up for an hour and was finally seen by a monk , my wife asked the monk if he could bless her son and pray for him and us , the monk seemed really concerned and advised my wife to purchase the biggest flower candle on sale which would be lit and placed in the temple , the candle cost 600 yuan ( about £60 ) , at this point i was a little puzzled as to why we had parted with such a large amount of money but i went along with it to please my wife , we were then sent to see the monk again , this time he advised my wife to purchase a metal statue , we were led into a shop and two rather large bronze looking statues were placed on the counter , i then instantly knew that it was a scam and i told my wife of my feelings and angrily walked out of the shop with my step-son following me but my wife felt embarrassed and purchased a small emblem which cost her 300 yuan ( £30 ) .
we were then taken to the water village and were told we were having lunch and would have to have it in a certain restaurant but i refused ,
we spent about 2 and a half hours at the water village , there were lovely little shops selling hand-made products and artists painting everything possible and everything was a fraction of the cost from shanghai .
we were then taken to a big silk shop which i made a point of hurrying through and then we were taken to a big jewellers mainly selling jade products at inflated prices , i was not fooled by the selling tactics .
in my opinion this tour was a bit of a scam , the tour guides and coach driver get a commission from the businesses they stop at including the temple.

please guide me
By JAYGUPTA | 5/7/2011 6:40:58 AM

Hey People,
First of all thanks to everyone here who helps each other.I'm glad that i found this site.

Now coming to the point,
I'm from INDIA and will be visiting this Beautiful company on 13th may to 19th may.

I need to visit a few certain places...but i don't know which is the best route to be taken and whats the best mode to be taken, and also please help me in also forecasting my expenditure for this trip and also how many days will it take me to cover all these places.

I know that my starting point would be landing in shanghai on 13th morning and my end point would be from Shanghai on 19th night, so that from this international airport i can fly back to INDIA.

So these all are the places which i have to visit,
i have done some research on which province it is mostly in

yiwu(for work)
danyang,(for work)
yongkang,(for work)
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu(for work)
Shanghai or Beijing(for shopping)

So tell me is this order of route is proper...and how to go from each place to each place...

and how much approximately i need to dig a hole in my pocket for the same.

Will be looking forward for your replies,



Trip to Shanghai Nov 2010
By YEAP | 1/5/2011 11:53:47 PM

Hi Everyone,

Its not so much as Travel Tip but just a few words on my trip
to Shanghai Nov 2010.
Of course , its nice to be on holidays. My 1 st trip to Shanghai.
Very advance now. Hope to see olden part of China next trip.
Any recommendation ?

email :

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