Food in Lanzhou
May 6, 2004 23:41
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Hi I'm going to Lanzhou for the month of July.
I'm traveling with a friend who has a baby who
will be 1 years old while we are there. She is
concerned about getting food for him. We are
wondering what type of baby food they have
and how easy it is to get milk there.

May 9, 2004 11:13
  • KATE
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Hi Vickie, I just know Lanzhou is famous for its Beef Noodle(Niu Rou La Mian) and barbeque(mainly of mutton and beef, rather than pork and chicken, varieties. Because the whole Gansu Province is inhabited by Muslim mainly. Also its food is influenced by Muslim.) And I think it is a good chance for you to taste the pure barbeque.
As to the baby's food, I think there must be some available for him. Or you can prepare and take some food for him. The milk is very natural and nutritional for him!
Hope it can give you any help : )
May 9, 2004 15:14
  • LEON
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Hi Vickie, don't worry about baby food, you can buy fresh milk easily in Lanzhou, even from a little store. Also you can go to supermarket to find what needed such as food, commodity.
Jun 26, 2004 23:57
  • SWEN
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I am not an expert on the Lanzhou scene, having visited the place only twice. Indeed, though Lanzhou may not as advanced as cities like Beijing and Shanghai, it is one that can boast of having all that is needed. The one thing that I guess may pose a challenge is that of the hygiene. You will probably need to get used to the toilet system, depending on what you have been used to.
Jun 28, 2004 09:49
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Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu Province. Located in west China, Lanzhou has the distinct features of a semi-arid climate, characterized by dryness and abundant sunlight.
I don't like the weather there, because that place lacks water. In my mind, it is the place full of sands and storm.
But there exist many surprising and beautiful natural wonders, such as the Echoing-sand Mountain and Crescent Lake, etc for Gansu Province.
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