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Jan 24, 2006 19:41
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One 1kg more is to bring 1kg of inexpensive books or stationery in addition to your package to give away to some one that needs it along their journey, e.g. kids that cannot even afford an eraser.

The simple process of passing-communicating-sharing will no doubt enrich travelers’ travel experience and realize the positive cycle of charity work.

For details, please read:
Jan 26, 2006 03:03
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Idea is good.

I use to have some small things wit me me I can give to people as memories when I'm biking. It can't really help anyboby but it is a nice manner however, I think.

What is sometimes a real problem (imo) that when biking in poor countryside areas people often offer some food or drinks, ask to sauna/banja/bath or help some other way. Very often (usually) people don't want to take any money for help. For that reason also it is a good idea to have some small but useful things to give to your helper. Perhaps he/she don't want to take money, but a gift he/she has to take.

Mermaid asked to take books in package... Can you suggest any else useful small things specially for countryside of China Icould take with me?

(pic is from Sibir, Russia)

Jan 27, 2006 02:29
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Like erasers, pencils, crayons, table tennis, and things like that. Postcards are also helpful to let them know the outside world.

Thank you very much for your concern.

And I like your idea of giving people gifts as well. Really appreciate.

For further info, you may read:

By the way, do you mind if i paste your idea on our forum in 1kg?
Jan 28, 2006 22:37
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It CAN really help. It is the communication that really counts. The traveler will find great pleasure and satisfaction in this exhilarating experience, he will understand the real needs of the people he helped, and will learn how culture differences and the social groups we belong to affect our lives and our children's education.... too many positive factors to enumerate.

Here is some understanding of volunteer work 1kg team leaders summed up.

1. 1kg more is the meeting point of charity and travel. The charity work is the marriage of goodwill and wisdom. Generally and comparatively, the society lacks more wisdom than goodwill. The simple process of “passing-communicating-sharing” not only enriches our travel experience but also actualizes the charity work. One kilogram, a small weight in our luggage, could be a precious gift to a rural child. If all travelers bring 1kg more of books or stationery, immeasurable value may result from their efforts. Our work rests on the average social moral standard, namely, we trust the common people of our society, so we can entrust them to the volunteer activities like 1kg more. If the moral standard is not reliable, our work will be in vain.
2. Communications bring progress, and smile is the best ice-breaker. The key point is equal and face-to-face communication.
3. Volunteer work should not only focus on how each individual feels. We need to develop a long-term vision, discerning the trends of social development.

Please share our website with your friends. Thank you!
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