what to wear, what NOT to wear
Feb 5, 2006 01:13
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ok here' s a question from a 'first time to china' traveller, as a
woman what will be best to pack for april / may period, and what is
acceptable to wear, and what is NOT acceptable to wear - any
travel tips for the new traveller would be much appreciated! such as
best types of shoe to bring etc...

Feb 5, 2006 01:31
  • CONNY129
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is it a holiday for relax or business trip ?
Feb 5, 2006 02:21
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It is spring in april in hangzhou,and it is getting warmer and warmer......
Feb 5, 2006 06:39
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its definately a 'relaxing' trip - no business for me this time!
hurrah! so sensible comfortable clothes, but i want to make sure
that i don't offend anyone, for example length of skirts/dresses
etc, i figure i am giong to stand out enough with blonde hair etc!

Feb 5, 2006 19:12
  • RITA
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By and large, if the clothes are proper to wear in your country will be fine in China. May is a good month for traveling, warm and bright. Here you can find out the whether of the major cities in China:

There might be something you need to be careful, such as religious places - Temples, mosques and churches, to tell the truth I go to temples a lot, but not so often to mosques and churches, I feel kinda scared when i was in mosques or churches:-), I shouldn't be, I know.

When I say "proper", I mean it depends, say you can not wear what you should wear on beaches to temples, and vice versa. I give you an example, I am not Buddhist, but I was brought up in such kind of family, so I, sort of, am a Buddhist. Before I enter a temple, I usually take hat off, and not wearing shorts or skirts, especially the mini ones :-).

I am not telling you dos and dons, I just tell you my personaly feeling. But sadly, the temples in China become more and more commercialized, they may care more about how much you spend in the temple, so they may pay less attention on how many you wear. Hehe~
Feb 6, 2006 07:22
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I love that advice! thanks again Rita!

yes its a shame about the commercialisation of countries, its
important to get a sense of where you are going and learn as
much as you can from it i feel and if you are outside of your
usual comfort zone all the better i say! its all about new
experiences, but also not wanting to exploit anyone else
because of this!

As for clothes, i am going to take on board all your comments, i
believe its about respect - its important to be comfortable, but
at the same time be aware of your surroundings and how other
people use such spaces. - in particular temples i don't want to
offend anyone! oh well good reason to shop for a whole new
wardrobe! haha!

thanks again

Also i hear that Chinese women in particular like to dress smart
as much as they can, is this right? and if so i think i could 'fit in'
very well! :)
Feb 6, 2006 19:41
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Hi there,
Firstly you need to where what is comfortable for you.

Secondly the weather will dictate a little
but very important is the kind of transport you are travelling on.

If using public buses and overnight trains where you might have to climb to your bunk then trousers will be the best option.

I travel a lot and usually where three- quarter length cargo pants or longs in cooler weather. Longer length skirts are priactical too.

Yes the Chinese women dress pretty smart and often they 'dress to kill'. and they usually have such wonderful trim figures too.

You will be looked at because you are different so wearing outragious clothes will attract even more attention so keep this in mind too.

Enjoy you holiday
Feb 6, 2006 19:54
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On the shoes.
Good comfortable sneakers or hiking boots 'cos there is always a lot a of walking in China and lots of steps. But in summer I wear open shoes, dressy thongs or sandals are OK. so long as they are comfortable.
Feb 7, 2006 01:35
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hmm shall have to hunt for some 'sensible' clothes, have a 'glam'
rather inpratcial wardrobe according to my father, but then he
would say that!

just excuse to go shopping ! thanks for the advice!
Mar 15, 2009 07:29
GUEST12220 vacation trip. need to know exactly what to wear. do not want to take only summer clothing if it gets a little cold in may
Jun 10, 2009 14:02
GUEST97204 Going on holiday to China in August on an organised tour included Yangtze river cruise. What clothes & shoes would be good for daytime wear?
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