No Independent Travel in Tibet !?
Jun 2, 2006 04:42
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Author: VAK191B | Lhasa | 2006-06-02 03:12:49 GMT-5

Please do not have a solo trip!In tibet,The environment is not like current places at all,Human who is not the ordinary people in Tibet may meet dangerous all the time!So,more one,more safe!I think that is why the China government do not permit the independent travel in Tibet.If you want to go,you'd better think all over at first,and get the cell phone,keep the battery in power all the time,and take GPS set if you wish(That always be more better.)

So, why not stay at comfortable home or the metropolis? LoL
Jun 5, 2006 02:50
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So why donnt you take part in a tour group?this July there will be an amaizng trip to Tibet.I want to vist Tiebt with this group, you can get more information from

Hope you can enjoy this trip
Aug 9, 2006 20:57
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I'm facing this problem right now. I've already joined a 16D package tour, and would like to extend my stay in Lhasa for anoher 10 days. However, the Tibetian agency insist independent tour is not allowed, and is now insisting me to take up another package in order to extend my stay in Lhasa. To make matter worse, the package is way out of my budget as it is already costing me dearly for the 16D package... yet i heard so many stories of independent travel in Tibet. AT a lost now....
Sep 7, 2006 04:04
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Oh, thanks for your information

Oct 14, 2007 05:33
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it is not dangerous in Lhasa, it seems to be a ploy by greedy travel agents to frighten people into only using agencies and milking foreigners of money..

i am a 33 yo female and i recently travelled to Lhasa (ON MY OWN) with a permit from a chinese travel agency into Lhasa via Chengdu.(MONEY TALKS) I must admit, they tried to bully and scare me out of Lhasa once the 7 days were up... but i stayed there for 2 months on my own....

it was interesting to watch travel into Tibet being abused by some chinese travel agents..

such a pity..... this HOLY LAND is amazing ~ like no where else on earth

Nov 21, 2007 15:18
GUEST67133 kirra

my partner and i want to go next summer....where did you get you permit?need help. WE DON"T DO tours.

Apr 26, 2009 12:51

We have the same problem, we are very much the independant traveller type with our own specialised itinerary and time schedule. We were told it might be possible to get individual permits in Xi'an or Chengdu as they are closer and departure points for Tibet but so far no luck. What we have found is a group of ppl on the Internet who are doing a tour at the same time and relatively cheap (£350-10 days) and so may join them and separate when we need to. Once in, I heard, it's really easy to get round without a permit. Will let people know more if we get in...
Apr 27, 2009 08:00
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Contact places like Sam's Guesthouse in Chengdu. Or any of the other Hostels that offer Tour Services. they know what's going on and they know the needs of independent travelers.

You can google and write them, but they are certainly up to speed on permits to Tibet

All the best and have a good trip
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