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Mar 24, 2006 22:39
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Ni Hao! I've been in Chongqing for over a month now and I'm having trouble finding dance clubs. Can anyone help? I'd really like to find dance clubs and bars where many expatriates go. I love my time here and the people, but I feel like I'm the only American in the city. So far, it's been hard to meet people. I was told about a dance club where many foreigners go called "Fallen" but I can't find any info about it.

Also, can anyone give me more info on the gay bars in Chongqing and what they're like. Thank you!!!
May 10, 2006 22:18
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The Cotton Club: Most nights you will stumble across a couple of western faces. Most of the Chinese there are very nice and the girls are friendly! - no western pretension from Chinese contingent - just a whole lot of fun. However, the drinks are too expensive. I would recommend the RMB25 bottle of water! and the music is too loud, however, tis a club! Maybe im just getting old...
May 11, 2006 06:39
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Hi Bengolden,there are several bars and clubs in Deiyi world Jeifangbei.Such as A@A club,cotton club etc,it is just five minutes away from the clock tower,and there is a gay bar near Hilton Hotel in Lianglukou.For more information,please reach|jimmy_yj88
Dec 10, 2010 20:28
GUEST20757 Jimmy, how to go to the gay club?? any name or direction...Takashi
Dec 11, 2010 20:45

Originally Posted by GUEST20757

Jimmy, how to go to the gay club?? any name or direction...Takashi

I am afraid that you may get disappointed. Gay issue is still a taboo to many Chinese people. Yunnan once had a Gay bar but finally was closed for some reason. Even there is a gay bar, it is no for public.
Dec 12, 2011 03:22
GUESTARI Im going to shanghai from 15th till 19th dec any gay bar to recommend
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