Lost in Shangri-La
Mar 28, 2006 21:15
I never know there is such a wonderful place as the small stone town Lijiang in the south end of China. I had the 1st impression of the tranquil town from one of my favorite website chinaonline and then decided to go there with my fiend. We flied there early of the month and stayed for 2 weeks. The sky is exceptionally clear and blue with the magnificent snow mountain as a background. There are many unbelivable touching blue ponds and lovely clear brooks with colorful tiny fishes cheerfully enjoy the great sunshine. Flowers are just blooming and all green views in front of you. The town has a very long history with its unique characteristics like Dongba which is said to be one of the oldest china culture. People there are nice and friendly, beautiful young girls are called golden flowers. Moreover, there are many many small pubs which can really bring you the home feeling. you never feel yourself a laowai there. we just sitting outside, bathing in the sunshine, watching locals and tourists, everything is so wonderful, and you just don't want to leave. it's not my first time to china but it's abosutley is the most meaningful one for i've found a paradise. i'm sure i will go back to lijiang again, maybe will live there and oopen my own small pub, talking with the visitors, sharing with them my stories. i love lijinang, i love china.
by the way, i would like to share with you my favorite china website:
and you can find some of my pictures on the link below.
pls drop me a message if you find anything intersting. i would love to travel more places in china|cestunangel

Mar 28, 2006 21:41
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You are talking about Lijiang old town all throughout your thread, but your title is Lost In Shangri-La. Why???

Maybe a figurative meaning?
Mar 28, 2006 22:28
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Midnight sounded so excited abut it. He should have seen Lijiang 5 yrs ago - much better. Now it's more commercialised. But it's still a nice little place to laze and watrch people for a few days by the stream-side.
Next time u visit Lijiang, try visit Shu He a similar ancient town nearby but less popular.
Mar 28, 2006 22:29
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BTW, your photo looks Korean !
Mar 28, 2006 22:47
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I'd love too.but I don't have enough money for my dream.If somebody loan to me one life,i'll choose there for all my life.
Mar 29, 2006 01:17
thanks, i will remember shuhe next time. by the way, i'm she not he. lol, thxs
Mar 29, 2006 01:19
it won't cost you too much to go to lijiang.
Mar 29, 2006 01:21
sorry for confusing you. there is indeed a place called shangri-la in yunnan, but i'm just using it's figurative meaning. thxs
Mar 29, 2006 19:26
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you probably know by now that "shangrila" is in Zhongdian, not lijiang. and if you planning to open a pub in yunnan, zhongdian is opening up to tourism and many are opening cafes and pubs there, some are selling. you might want to consider zhongdian instead. it is a really cool tibetan theme town.

Mar 29, 2006 20:57
thank you for your information. i've been to songzan lin temple too, it's amazng and i also got a white hada from the old head monk. but compared with lijiang, i still prefer lijiang old town, it's so peaceful and beautiful. i would love to have the rest of my life there with my beloved. :)

Mar 29, 2006 21:07
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Heavn on the earth:-)
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