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Sep 5, 2004 18:11
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I have decided that in the next year or two I will go to China and walk (almost) the entire wall ("Jiayuguan" to "QingHuanDao").
I've read some pages that some people have already done it but they all mention
some permits and restrictions... If so, where can I get more information
regarding what I need? But even if some parts of the walls are "off limits" it should still be possible to walk next to the wall, correct?

I've also heard mentioned that a lot of parts of the wall are already destroyed. If so, can you still make out where the wall once was or is it possible to get lost on account of the wall "not being there" for a few miles?

I guess this is a pretty crazy idea but it is (one) of my really big goals.
I was thinking
about doing this in about two years time, when I finish college. But there's
no harm
in starting to plan things ahead.

Any ideas/help is appreciated

Sep 6, 2004 00:23
good idear!
Sep 6, 2004 10:03
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Hi, Zagy!
Your idea is really great! Even I am a Chinese, I didn't any idea about hiking the whole Great Wall at all~~
Yes, there have some permits and restrictions about hiking Great Wall. You know, most parts of the Wall had been destroyed no matter by nature power or by human, especially in western China, so the government decreed some rules to open some parts to the public and visitors only.
For example, in Beijing four sections are permitted to hike for tourists. They are Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai.
Sep 6, 2004 13:25
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Thanks for replying

But it is still possible to walk beside the wall, right?

I've also heard that a big part of the wall has been destroyed. But you can still make out where the wall once was, true?
Oct 20, 2004 18:29
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Hi Saso

The only person I know who's walked the entire length of The Great Wall is Diego Azubel. You can see some of his photos on and there's a National Geographic documentary about his journey which will be shown next year.

Diego started from Jiayuguan and walked to Shanhaiguan. It took him 15 months. He found that most of the way the wall is nothing like the stone Ming Dynasty wall near Beijing. In many areas it disappears entirely and he found himself walking in circles in the desert trying to find it. Most of the way there's too little left to walk on top of it and in some places it passes through military zones which are closed to visitors. He set off in October to avoid the summer heat in the Gobi, but what he hadn't expected was that the desert would freeze in the winter. By the time he reached the Yanshan it was winter again and the snow was knee deep. At the same time he had an unforgettable experience and encountered immense generosity from the people he met and captured some remarkable images.

Good luck fulfilling your dream, but have a look at Diego's site to get more of an idea of what to expect.


Oct 21, 2004 09:55
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I like that site !
Nov 11, 2004 15:20
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That you for that reply...

I will certainly look into it...
Nov 11, 2004 16:19
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Hi, Saso!
Will you finish this great hiking only by yourself? Why not to find other people who has the same ambition like you to accompany?
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